Convicted sex offender accused of strangling, battering victim; using false name

Jeremy Ratliff

A Town of Corning man, convicted of sexually assaulting a child in 2004, has been behind bars since late October, when he was accused of using a different name as a convicted sex offender and assaulting another party during separate domestic violence incidents.
On Wednesday, October 23, 53-year old Todd George Hayes made his initial appearance in Lincoln County Circuit Court, facing Felony charges of Sex Offender using a different name, strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, intimidate victim by use or attempt of force, two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence related battery and two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence related disorderly conduct. All charges carry domestic violence and repeat offender modifiers, except for the felony charge of Sex Offender using a different name.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office,  the victim in the case began residing in Lincoln County in June of 2019, with a man she knew as “Bob Davis,” after dating Davis for some time. The victim did not learn “Bob” was really Hayes, until last month. The pair reportedly had a normal relationship until a time around the end of July. At that time, Hayes began asking to see the victim’s phone when the victim would return home from work, and expressed concerns the victim was “messing around on him.”
Hayes then began prohibiting the victim from using social media and spending time with friends. He also reportedly required the victim to have any discussions with her family, occur on speaker when he was present.
On the evening of October 7, Hayes reportedly asked to see the victim’s phone when she returned home from work.
Hayes took the victim’s phone and accused of her of talking to other men. He also took the keys to the victim’s truck and camper. When the victim tried to get her keys back, Hayes pushed her away in a violent manner, causing bruising to both of the victim’s arms. Afterwards, Hayes demanded the victim come into the bedroom of the residence and sit beside him while he watched television.
During another incident on October 13, Hayes became upset about a rumor he had heard through a mutual friend. When the victim returned home from work, Hayes took the victim’s phone and tried to unlock it, but was unable due to the victim having changed the code on the phone. Hayes became more angry and threatened to break the phone if the victim didn’t unlock it. When the victim refused, Hayes let the air out of the tires on the victim’s vehicle. The victim reportedly tried to leave the residence despite the tires being flat, but Hayes prevented this by blocking the victim from shutting the door. An altercation reportedly ensued during which Hayes forcefully grabbed the victim by the neck and covered her mouth, restricting her breathing. He also took the victim’s keys and threw her to the ground outside the truck, causing the victim to bleed from a facial injury.
After cleaning up, the victim reportedly attempted to leave once again, but was pushed to the ground by Hayes, causing her to strike her knee.

On Tuesday, October 22. Hayes was taken into custody by law enforcement on outstanding warrants. Later that day, while a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy was interviewing the victim, Hayes began calling the victim from the Lincoln County Jail and continued until jail staff were notified and the calls were blocked.
Further documented in the criminal complaint is Hayes being a registered sex offender with a lifetime registration requirement, consequent to Hayes conviction of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child in Langlade County on October 15, 2004. According to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC), “Bob Davis” is not a name by which Hayes is identified with the department. Hayes reportedly began absconding from the department’s Extended Supervision program in May of this year and has been considered an absconder since June 20.
Todd Hayes remains in the custody of the Lincoln County Jail on $25,000 cash bond. His next court appearance is set for Wednesday, November 13.

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