MAPS announces cold weather make up days

Due to the unusually cold weather that we had in January, two days will need to be made up by Merrill students. At Monday night’s regular board meeting, the Board of Education voted to approve Feb. 21 and April 4 as those make-up days. These dates were originally scheduled as staff development days on the 2013-14 calendar.
The district can meet statutory requirements by counting two of the four days as inclement weather days; however, they needed to look for other options when the extremely cold weather persisted. 
“Simply adding on days to the calendar was not a desired action plan,” said Wally Leipart, superintendent of Merrill Area Public Schools. “It would lengthen the school year, impact summer school, and postpone the start of summer maintenance/cleaning projects.”
An amended calendar has been placed on the District’s website at
and is available in all school offices. Should the district experience additional cancelations, they will be required to extend the school year.

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