Fire in jail does minor damage

On Monday at approximately 5:36 p.m., the fire alarm system for the Lincoln County Safety Building was activated for unknown reasons. As a result of the fire alarm, Merrill police and fire departments were dispatched to the sheriff’s office to assist in attempting to locate the reason for the alarm.

Prior to their arrival, Lincoln County corrections officers reported that they had a small fire in the jail, and it was reported to be out. Preliminary investigation revealed that the fire was intentionally set in the area of an outlet in the janitorial closet in one of the cell blocks of the main portion of the jail.

At this time the investigation is ongoing. Charges will be requested on those parties involved in starting the fire.

No one was reported injured as a result of the fire and minor damage was done to the closet. The quick response by Lincoln County corrections officers averted a much more serious problem.

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