PRMS students compete in National History Day Fair

On Tuesday, March 12, the 8th grade students at Prairie River Middle School competed in the 5th annual National History Day Fair. The National History Day project is a year-long project for all eighth grade students at Prairie River Middle School.
Through National History Day lessons, students learn how to define a historical question, locate primary and secondary source materials, take notes, summarize, analyze information, and present their original interpretations in one of four formats. Those formats include: a written paper, website, exhibit, and video documentary.
Each year students research topics related to that year’s theme. This year’s theme was “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas and Events.” The following students won their respective categories and had an opportunity to present their projects at the regional competition that was held at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point on Sunday, April 7.
Documentary: 3rd Place, Morgan Block; 2nd Place, Shayle Myers; 1st Place, Olivia Hostvedt.
Paper: 4th Place, Jacob Collingsworth; 3rd Place, Alexis Kanitz; 2nd Place, Allison Winter-Reed; 1st Place, Sierra Severt.
Website: 5th Place, Caitlyn Kolehouse; 4th Place, Cassie Blake; 3rd Place, Jerry Boquist; 2nd Place, Hannah Ament; 1st Place, Elizabeth Wegner.
Exhibit: 5th Place, Trista Rathke; 4th Place, Trevor Stadler; 3rd Place, Ben Tabor; 2nd Place, Mitchell Jaeger; 1st Place, Emily Dewart.
Community members who judged the students’ projects were Stan Janowiak, Pat Berg, Sarah Litzer, Bea Lebal, Mike Weckwerth, Ann Verdorn, Marie Marrier, Janet Thompson, Chuck Sauer, David Johnson, Marcy Lewens, Don Stevens, Alyson Eparvier, Ruth DeJarlais, Jodi Salzer, Jim Hostvedt, Jenny Eder, Anna Julson, and Brain Wiese. Student National History Day projects will also be on display at T.B. Scott Library.

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