Survey Responses Showcase Community Pride, Support for Economic Growth

The City of Merrill’s Business Recruitment Task Force recently wrapped up response collection for the Merrill Citizen Survey. This city-wide effort was organized as part of developing a marketing strategy for Merrill – learning exactly what makes Merrill special in the hearts and minds of its citizenry. The survey was available online at the City, emailed to Chamber members, and in hard-copy format at City Hall. In addition, each Merrill property owner received a survey in their annual tax bill.
The Task Force was pleased to have received 369 responses, many of which touted Merrill’s small town charm, proximity to rivers and outdoor recreation and historic roots. By and large, respondents encouraged industry development and economic growth for the community, while seeking to preserve the safety and sense of community that comes with small town living.
Questions such as “What do you like most about living in Merrill?” and “Please list Merrill’s three best attributes” garnered praise for the community, its parks, and proximity to outdoor recreation opportunities. Those questions were among the 14 questions asked.
As with all surveys, some negative responses were expected and received, offering additional food for thought. Survey responses will be used in the near future to shape marketing messages to citizens, visitors and potential new business to the community.

The results of the entire survey will be available after review by the Business Recruitment Task Force and the Common Council.

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