Super-Lube announces eco-friendly oil change

Area residents no longer have to drive an expensive hybrid vehicle to make their mode of transportation a little “greener.” Super-Lube is announcing the addition of environmentally friendly green oil changes to its existing conventional, high-mileage and full synthetic oil change services. The green oil change service uses premium quality re-refined motor oil called “PureGreen” from North American Lubricants, CO. The PureGreen oil change service meets or exceeds all current ILSAC and API licensing requirements and covers all new vehicle warranties.
“As an independently owned business, we have been dedicated to the community of Merrill’s environmental sustainability since we opened doors,” stated Greg Porter, director of sales and marketing at Super-Lube. “Super-Lube is committed 100% to going green. When the opportunity arose to provide our customers with the rare combination of premium product quality and environmental conservatism, we knew it was something we had to be a part of.
“Merrill is an environmentally-conscious place, and many of our customers are concerned about the chemicals and fluids their cars use, the emissions that they give off and ways to reduce the impact their car have on the environment. PureGreen has given us a way to meet these needs, while maintaining the quality our customers demand and have come to expect from us,” Porter added.
PureGreen motor oil is formulated from high-quality base stocks that are refined from select used motor oil and equipped with an advanced additive package. Thanks to a closed loop system, a large percentage of the collected used motor oil is synthetic blend or full synthetic. As a result, the re-refined base oil created is of an equal or better quality than the conventional base oil used to meet the current certifications.
Although Super-Lube is one of the first Quick Lube facilities in Wisconsin to jump on the green movement, re-refined motor oils have been around many years now. ILSAC and API certified re-refined motor oils are approved for use by all major automobile manufacturers and many factories fill their vehicles with re-refined motor oil. Furthermore, President Clinton mandated the use of re-refined motor oils in all U.S. federal government vehicles in 1998 as Executive Order 13101, section 507.
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