Letters to the Editor, 03-06-13 edition

Dear Editor,
To the residents of the Sixth District.
My name is David Sukow and I have been your representative on the City of Merrill Common Council for the past seven years.
I grew up in the Sixth District. I attended Jefferson Elementary School and graduated from Merrill High School. I attended U.W.-Stevens Point and U.W.-Whitewater and earned my Bachelor and Masters Degree in Education.
I was a public school teacher for thirty-four years in Wisconsin. The last twenty-one years of my teaching career I lived in the Sixth District, but taught in the Wausau School District. I worked with the students who had behavioral and learning disabilities.
When I retired from teaching in the year 2000, I worked at the Merrill Wal-Mart store. I was a sales associate in the electronics department for over ten years.
I was the past treasurer of the Merrill Bible Church for over ten years. I am currently Vice President of the Snow Hill Cemetery Association.
I really enjoy being your voice on the City Council. I have served on the following committees and commissions: Park and Recreation Commission, City Plan Commission, Health and Safety Committee, Personnel and Finance Committee, Merrill Housing Authority, Board of Review, Parking Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, City Council representative to the Lincoln County Humane Society and several of the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committees.
The residents of the Sixth District who have called me with a question or concern know I always get back to them promptly. I address your concerns and get back to you with answers to your questions. Since I am retired, I have the time to attend the required committee meetings.
Presently I am working on the Mayor’s committee to establish a quiet zone in the city of Merrill. This will mean no more annoying train whistles as trains pass through Merrill at all hours of the day and night!
Thank you for your support the past seven years. I would appreciate your continued support in the upcoming April 2 election.
David Sukow
6th District Alderman

This is a note of thanks and recognition for Judge John Yackel. Thank you for showing interest in our group of kids ranging in the ages of kindergarten to high school. As a group we appreciated your help with our community service project for “Make a Difference Day.” We also enjoyed your presentation to our club about the work that you do as a judge. It was very thoughtful of you to take time out of your busy schedule to make a positive impression on our group.
With gratitude,
Pine River Peppers 4-H Club
Bill Jaeger, leader

Merrill area voters,
It is unfortunate how individuals attempting to impose their will on people will distort facts and history, as well as vilify individuals and groups for their own personal gain. It’s a wonder good people volunteer to serve at all! That being said, I still wish to serve you on your school board and I am asking for your vote on April 2. First the facts. No school board member or even the board itself can raise taxes above the limits specified by state statute – it can only apportion the money it has been allocated by law. In addition, in the days of the QEO prior to a combination of Act 10 and our popular Bridges to Learn virtual charter school, Merrill was in dire straits financially. As a result of Act 10, teachers now pay for a larger portion of their benefits. Bridges to Learn has provided the district with a significant number of new students and new revenue. As your board president, I was actively leading (with Dr. Lisa Snyder) in these and other initiatives, contributing to a much better financial outlook today.
We are all obligated by law to provide public education, whether we have children or not. The quality of that education reflects directly back on our community. A poorly run school district will hurt property values and deter families from relocating to Merrill. Conversely, a well-run district which provides good opportunities and serves all stakeholders positively, increases property values and creates a larger tax base, reducing the overall burden on us all. This would be my goal in serving you on your board of education. I cannot (nor do I wish to) raise taxes. I can however help us get the most value out of the tax dollars we do spend. If you have concerns or questions on my past service or my vision for the future, please contact me as I welcome your viewpoint. I am asking for your vote on April 2.
Jeff Verdoorn

Dear Editor,
I just wanted to take the time to thank all the voters who voted for me in the primary election on February 19th. I also want to let everyone know that I am still a strong believer in getting our children the best education they deserve to have. I also want to focus on anti-bullying and get our finances headed in the right direction. I am dedicated and a very motivated person who will listen to the community (tax’s payers) when having to make big decisions that will affect everyone. I will approach each board meeting with an open mind to any and all suggestions from our community regarding school issues. We need members on the board that work together in solving issues and making positive changes. So if the community wants to see positive changes and new ideas. Vote Linda Yingling on April 2nd.
Linda Yingling
Town of Pine River
Candidate for Merrill School Board

My father, Norbert “Nubs” Ashbeck, began this election with an open mind and a bit of a naïve heart. His only hope was that he could run on a positive platform with intentions of only providing his years of experience and knowledge to continue forward progress for educational development of Merrill. Many have determined without knowing my father who he is and what he stands for without ever having a conversation. Today I want to share with you a little about who my father is and what values he would bring to the board if elected.
Both my father and mother devoted over 40 years to helping others working in the health care profession. They raised three children, all who continue public service; Paula Doty currently a substitute teacher with a Master’s in teaching, Chad Ashbeck a fireman/paramedic, and myself, Department of Correction. My father all too well understands the sacrifices public employees have made. My father values quality education and has always boasted about the excellent educational opportunities Merrill had to offer. My father has served as the Deputy Health Officer of Merrill for 34 years. He has seen the struggles families have endured over the years as evidenced by the conditions of their homes. My father serves on Lincoln County Crime Stoppers. He understands the direct correlation not providing youth opportunities through extra curricula’s plays on crime in the community. My father has a strong work ethic and holds others to high standards and expectations.
My father is a man with patience and tolerance. He appreciates differences in opinions and sees opportunity to learn through others. Even when a decision is made that he disagrees with, he embraces that decision and not only makes the best of it he looks for how to make it even better.
My father has participated in many organizational committees and board meetings. He has learned to collaborate, negotiate, and regulate policies, procedures, and relationships. Yes, my father has known Eugene Bondioli since they moved in their home in 1972. He considers Gene a friend and will always. They coached their daughter’s basketball teams together. They did not always agree, but they were able to produce teams that won championships. My father does not consider him aligned with any member of the school board and speaks as an individual. He does not have any ticket agenda items. Merrill School Board continues to need members that understand that they will not always agree but work as a team to make decisions for the community that will produce a Champion School District. Merrill is beginning to re-build and we need continued energy and new ideas to keep moving upward.
Before you decide who my father is based on what you hear, please take the time to meet him at First Street Coffee Station on 3/19 at 9am, 3/20 at 6pm or 3/23 at 9am and get a chance to hear what he stands for or call him at any reasonable hour. His phone number is listed in the phone book.
Renee Krueger

To the voters in Lincoln County:
Robert Russell is the ideal candidate for Circuit Court Judge, because he has the attributes required for this position. My husband and I have known Rob for 47 years, ever since we moved to Merrill with our family, and lived in the same neighborhood as the Russell’s.
When in college, he was known to slip away to a quiet place to study. At the time, he was seriously considering law school.
As a lawyer, Rob joined his Dad in the Russell Law Office in Merrill, with Jay Tlusty who subsequently became Lincoln County’s Circuit Court Judge. As he continued to practice law while learning from his partners, Rob became active in the community and various projects for its improvement.
Rob has been a loyal, active family man with 2 children. He was devoted to his wife, especially when she became so ill, and died.
Robert Russell is a friendly, fair and trustworthy person who would become a conscientious Judge for Lincoln County. On April 2, I urge you to vote to elect ROBERT RUSSELL FOR CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE! You’ll be glad you did.
Barbara Janowiak

To the voting residents of the Town of Pine River:
My name is Kraig Jaeger and I am running for supervisor in the Town of Pine River. I have been a resident in the Town of Pine River for over 20 years. My wife and I have two daughters very active in the Merrill community.
I work as a mechanic at the Lincoln County Highway Department and currently serve as the treasurer for our Local 332 union. I also served for a short time on the Merrill School Board.
I am running for supervisor, as I would like to be more active in the decisions made in our township. I would appreciate your vote on April 2.
Kraig Jaeger
Pine River

Dear Letter to the Editor,
Students in Mrs. Van Der Geest’s Second Grade Classroom have had the privilege to receive grant funds from our community. Two new Ipads were purchase with apps to be used with the new devices. This funding will assist second graders in learning more about educational technology that could be used at home. It also is an opportunity to build excitement in literacy, through electronic stories and other activities to promote literacy at home and school. Support for this project was provided through the Beyond Crayons and Computers Program of the Merrill Area Community Foundation. We would like to thank the Merrill Area Community Foundation for this great opportunity to pursue technology in our classroom.
Thank you,
Dee Van Der Geest and her Second Grade Students

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