MHS students get a dose of real life

Merrill High School business studens went through Merrill’s Reality Store Simulation on Nov. 27, 2012 in the fieldhouse at Merrill High School.
“If I buy an expensive car and house, I can’t afford clothes and food.” This is an example of the lesson and decision that one teenager had to deal with that participated in Mad City Money, a simulation for high school students that teaches basic money management in a safe, fun setting. Approximately 150 high school students were sponsored by the Business & Information Technology Department and the Merrill Chamber of Commerce. Park City Credit Union donated materials that the students used during the simulation.
A number of local business people volunteered their time to give students a dose of reality: ABG Masonry, Inc. – TJ Brunett; Church Mutual Insurance – Gary Broesch, DeAnn Lange, Mike Mayo, Heather Renzelmann & Jodie Semling; County Market – Barb Haffemann; Fred Mueller Automotive – Frank Murphy & Klint Smith; Merrill Area Public Schools – Shannon Murray, Tim Engh, Eva Sukow, & Amanda Burman; Merrill Community Members – Jeff Jameson, Barb & Jeff Peterson, and JoEllyn VanLieshout; Merrill Golf Club – Mike Potter; Merrill Police Department – Mark Heckendorf; Merrill Productions – Karissa Karau; Park City Credit Union – Nicole Johnson & Traci Saindon; Piggly Wiggly – Ginny Drew; Pine Crest – Tim Meehean; St. Vincent De Paul – Sue Norenberg & Freida Swanson; Skare & Associates – Bruce Iattoni; T.B. Scott Library – Stacy Stevens; Travel Adventures – Faye DeLosh.

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