Dr. Deer report released

The comprehensive deer report from Dr. James Kroll, AKA Dr. Deer, has been released. DNR secretary Cathy Stepp commented:
“(Tuesday) we received the Wisconsin deer herd report from Deer Trustee, Dr. James Kroll and his team Dr. David Guynn and Dr. Gary Alt.
“A comprehensive report such as this will take several weeks to review, but the Department of Natural Resources is ready, willing and eager to roll up our sleeves and get started. We look forward to working with the public, the Natural Resources Board, Governor Walker, Dr. Kroll, Wildlife Management professionals, Legislators and the Conservation Congress to find ways to make deer hunting even better in Wisconsin.
“All along we’ve had the same goal, to make sure Wisconsin leads the nation in deer management and that our rich deer hunting tradition remains strong.”
Last year Governor Scott Walker signed Executive Order #44, which created a Whitetail Deer Trustee position to independently and objectively review and evaluate Wisconsin’s deer herd management practices.
A copy of the final report can be accessed at: http://www.doa.state.wi.us.

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