Risk of pavement buckling is high today and tomorrow

With most of the state under an excessive heat warning until Friday night, the risk of pavement buckling will be high today and tomorrow, according to Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) officials.
During hot weather, pavement tends to expand. Where there are expansion joints, the slabs of pavement push against each other and if the pressure becomes high enough the pavement may buckle.
On July Fourth, approximately 17 pavement buckles on major highways were reported to WisDOT. County maintenance crews were able to repair the highway buckling on average in about two to three hours.
“We are continuing to monitor the major highways and are coordinating with county highway maintenance crews in case of more buckling today and tomorrow,” says Rory Rhinesmith of WisDOT. “However, pavement bucklings typically are quite random and motorists need to be prepared.”
WisDOT officials recommend the following safety tips for motorists in case of pavement buckling:
·Report pavement buckling by calling 911.
·Before your trip, check highway traffic conditions via the 511 Wisconsin Travel Info system by dialing 511 or visiting www.511wi.gov on the web.
·To protect highway crews as they repair buckled pavement, shift lanes or slow down as required by the state’s Move Over Law.
·And as always slow down, pay attention, buckle up and be prepared to move over.

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