Lincoln County voters turn out big for recall

Lincoln County voters were indicative of Wisconsin as a whole in Tuesday’s gubernatorial recall campaign. Incumbent Governor Scott Walker carried the county with 7,178 votes, or 57%. Challenger Tom Barrett received 5,333 votes, or 42%. Statewide, Walker was the victor by a 53% to 46% margin.
With 68% of the registered Lincoln County voters casting a ballot, voter turnout in the county was higher than the statewide number of 57%. In Lincoln County, 12,635 ballots were cast in the recall election.
When Walker and Barrett first faced off in the 2010 general election, Walker carried the county with 6,201 votes (55%) to Barrett’s 4,872 (43%). There were 11,448 ballots cast in Lincoln County in that election, with a 61% voter turnout. Statewide in 2010, 2.17 million voters made it to the polls. The recall election drew about 2.5 million, the most votes in any Wisconsin gubernatorial election not on a presidential ballot since 1950.

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