‘Polar Bears’ Grant

The City of Merrill Parks & Recreation Department teamed up with the two 5th grade classes at Washington Elementary School last week to plant 70 trees in the tornado damaged Merrill Memorial Forest. The planting project was part of a Polar Bears International grant received by the City of Merrill Parks & Recreation Department.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources played an integral part in helping the city procure the funds to make this grant project possible. “What a perfect example of partnership,” says Parks & Recreation Director Dan Wendorf. “The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Polar Bears International, City of Merrill, and Merrill Area Public Schools all working together on a great project for the environment.”
Polar Bears International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its habitat through research, stewardship, and education. Wendorf noted that the Parks & Recreation Department will be able to plant over 110 trees to help reforestation from the tornado because of the grant.
The project started with an educational presentation at Washington School in April that the 5th grade students helped lead. The educational program focused on how we can help improve Polar Bear habitat right here in Merrill.
“What a wonderful opportunity for the students, they learned some very interesting things and did a tremendous job planting trees,” said Wendorf. “We are very thankful for this unique opportunity given to us by Polar Bears International and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.”

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