Merrill Police Reports 5-2-12

April 20
12:06 p.m.- A caller reported a hit & run to her vehicle while it was parked in a parking lot. She provided a license plate and the suspect driver was located. He stated he unknowingly had struck the vehicle. Given the small amount of damage his version of events made sense and he was not cited for the hit & run. A crash report was completed.
8:53 p.m.- A caller reported his live-in girlfriend had punched him in the face four times. The female admitted to punching the male twice causing a small laceration. The girlfriend was arrested for domestic battery.
April 21
12:52 a.m.- A caller reported her daughter had been battered by her boyfriend. It was found the boyfriend had punched the girlfriend in the face, inhibited her breathing by pulling her by her sweatshirt and had taken the battery out of her cell phone to prevent her from calling police. The male had fled the scene prior to officer’s arrival. The officer requested an arrest warrant be issued for the male for domestic battery, strangulation/suffocation and domestic battery.
2:44 a.m.- An officer on patrol observed a vehicle pull into the parking lot of a closed business. The officer found two vehicles in the lot upon arrival and both left immediately upon seeing the officer. The officer found this activity suspicious. After leaving the lot one vehicle drove into the oncoming traffic lane. The officer stopped the vehicle and found it was being operated by a 12-year-old boy. The boy had taken the vehicle without his parents’ knowledge or permission. He was transported to secure detention for operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent.
3:10 a.m.- Wausau PD requested an officer attempt to locate a 16-year-old female who had been reported as a runaway from Wausau. The female was said to be near the school. She was located and transported to the county line where she was turned over to Wausau PD.
4:16 a.m.- A female called to report she and her boyfriend had been drinking and got into an argument. The girlfriend wished for an officer to standby while she gathered clothing and made arrangements to leave the apartment.
10:23 a.m.- The Lincoln Co jail reported a female arrested for domestic battery the previous night had placed a phone call to the victim asking him to post her bond. This was in violation of the 72 contact prohibition which the victim had enforced. The incarcerated female was then additionally charged with violating a temporary domestic abuse restraining order.
10:31 a.m.- A grandmother called to report her granddaughter was out of control and had emptied the contents of the bathtub all over the floor. After speaking with the grandmother, parent and child it was found the child suffers behavioral disorders. The child cleaned her mess up and agreed to behave the remainder of the day. The incident was passed along to social services for their information.
11:09 a.m.- An officer was responding to an emergency and had his emergency lights and siren activated. A vehicle was refusing to yield right of way. The officer tracked the driver down following the emergency. The elderly male stated he felt he did not need to pull over as the officer should have passed him. Another officer had warned the same man 2 months prior for the same violation after the man stated he had not heard the siren because he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids. The man was cited for failing to yield right of way to emergency vehicle. The officer also completed a driver condition report to send to the WI DOT as the man’s age, eyesight and hearing seem to play a part in his ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
1:37 p.m.- An officer on patrol saw a male standing in his yard that he recognized as having a warrant for arrest. The male was arrested for the warrant without incident.
2 p.m.- A caller reported her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and mother of their child had struck her boyfriend. It was found the two had engaged in an argument inside a local business. The argument continued as they left the store and concluded with the ex-girlfriend punching the ex-boyfriend in the face causing a laceration. The boyfriend did seek medical treatment for the laceration. The ex-girlfriend was arrested for domestic battery.
2:04 p.m.- A caller reported receiving a phone call from a company offering to lower her credit card interest rates. The company had obtained much of the caller’s information prior to the call being terminated. This was found to be a likely fraud attempt. The caller cancelled the credit card.
3:48 p.m.- A caller reported a five-year-old child lost. The mother and numerous officers began looking for the little girl. She was found with her bicycle a short time later.
6:30 p.m.- A caller reported her ex-boyfriend had taken $54 from her current boyfriend’s hands and then fled the scene. Contact was later made with the ex-boyfriend who stated the current boyfriend paid him the cash as payback from a loan from the female. It is unknown which of the two were lying about what actually occurred. As such the officer sent the report to the DA’s office to review the case and determine if any charges will be forthcoming.
10:50 p.m.- A caller reported seeing a vehicle outside her residence in recent days. She reported there is always a male who sits in the vehicle for 45mins to an hour, ducks down when cars drive past and then leaves without getting out. An officer found the vehicle and the driver had ducked down when the officer drove past. The male claimed he had ducked down as he was removing a shoe. He claimed to be waiting for a friend at a nearby house. The officer suspected the male was likely doing something else given his ducking down when vehicles passed. He was lectured on Wisconsin’s stalking laws. The male again claimed to be waiting for a friend and then left the neighborhood.
April 22
11:49 a.m.- A caller reported someone had witnessed a vehicle strike his vehicle and then leave the scene. This occurred in a business parking lot. The officer reviewed surveillance video showing the crash. Due to the position of the vehicle and camera the officer was unable to retrieve a registration plate number. At this time suspect is unknown.
2:16 p.m.- A caller reported receiving text messages on his cell phone that were likely fraud attempts. He received the text messages claiming he had won $1,000 from Walmart. The caller found this was a scam.
April 23
9:13 a.m.- Officers responded to an address in the 100 block of N Scott Street for a possible domestic disturbance. The male suspect admitted that he was asked to leave by his live-in girlfriend, and punched a shelf off of the wall as he left. He was arrested for a Probation Violation, Domestic Disorderly Conduct and Intimidation of a Victim.
April 24
12 p.m.- Officer received a dispatch of a person going door to door trying to sell magazines. Officer located the suspect who was from Michigan. The party did not have a city sellers permit and was advised they needed to cease attempting to sell magazines until the permit was obtained.
8:45 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to a domestic situation and after an investigation, the male party was arrested for Domestic Disorderly Conduct.
April 25
11:30 a.m.- Officer was dispatched to a business for a theft complaint. The caller stated a male party had stolen money from the business and had it recorded on video. The business also has a video recording of the vehicle and license plate. Investigation continues.
5:30 p.m.- Officer was dispatched to a traffic accident on E 6th St. After an investigation was completed, one of the drivers was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign and for operating a motor vehicle without insurance.
7:20 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to a west side business for a suspicious person complaint. The employees advised a male party was inside the business making inappropriate comments to female employees. The suspect was located walking and he was spoken to about his behavior and he was warned if further inappropriate or disorderly conduct continued, he would be cited or arrested.
April 26
10:13 a.m.- Officer was dispatched to a residence for a criminal damage to property complaint. The caller stated between the hours of midnight and 9:30 am, and unknown party had damaged the windshield to their vehicle. No suspects.
7:40 p.m.- Officer was dispatched to a residence for a theft complaint. The victim stated sometime during the night an unknown party entered their locked vehicle and stole a child’s coat and a purse containing checks, debit cards, prescription medication, and other miscellaneous items. The victim did notice one of the windows was cracked open. No suspects at this time.
10:52 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex for a drug activity complaint. The caller stated they could smell burnt marijuana coming from an upstairs apartment. Officers made contact with the tenants of the apartment. No odor of marijuana was present in the hallway. The tenants allowed officers into the apartment and there was not an odor of marijuana inside the apartment either.

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