Letters 5-2-12

Residents of Merrill,
Just over a week ago, we concluded what proved to be one of the most worthwhile experiences any of us has been involved in, the Merrill Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.
Now knowing what we had really signed up for, it took only the first session for us to realize it was a well conceived, well prepared, and professionally presented effort.
Through the use of narrated Power Point slide shows, plenty of videos and hands-on experience opportunities, and much interactive discussion, every aspect of the department and the Lincoln County Jail’s functioning was covered in nine sessions. They were always interesting, attention grabbing and informal.
We came away with a better understanding of how the Department operates, including the high level of training required of its officers. We are more familiar with law as it impacts citizens, including concealed carry and Wisconsin’s new castle doctrine, and as it impacts, sometimes complicates, the operations of the department. And much more.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Ned Seubert, Captain Ken Neff, all department officers who took time to be presenters, and the night staff of the Lincoln County Jail for their efforts. They are appreciated.
The academy is offered only once annually. When the notice for it comes out next year, we advise anyone interested not to delay in signing up.
Lisa Brown, John Burrow, Bill Fehrmann, Tony Fischer, Tom Huftel, Denise Klade, Jordan Oelke, Michael Rick, Dawn Young
Citizens Police Academy Participants

Dear Editor:
The totals for the fall 2011 UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) collection for Merrill and Wausau have been completed. The total for both communities combined is $9,560. The Merrill collection was chaired by Mark Seaman of Prairie River Middle School and Christine Schmelling of Kate Goodrich School. The Wausau collection was chaired by Cheryl Kinney of Riverview School.
In Merrill all elementary schools participated, including Trinity and St. John Lutheran schools, and Prairie River Middle School. The Wausau collection included contributions from Wausau, D.C. Everest and Mosinee schools.
The money has been targeted to aid the children in Somalia, where an estimated 1.4 million children have been in need of emergency aid. Also, money is designated for needy children in 150 other countries. UNICEF is credited with saving the lives of over 7 million children annually.
Hearty thanks to the good children and adults of our Merrill-Wausau area!
James A. Lewis
Retired member, Merrill UNICEF Committee

Thank you voters of Merrill Second Ward for reelecting me for a sixth term on the County Board. I am a long term Pine Crest Trustee and have worked to expand rehabilitation programs. Did you know that admissions and discharges have tripled the last few years? Community members are admitted for rehabilitation and return home to resume their lives with ever greater frequency. Pine Crest has an excellent reputation for care and will continue to be an important part of our Community.
What is an ADRC Elderly and Disability Benefit Specialist? The Adult Disability Resource Center – Central Wisconsin (ADRC-CW) became effective in November 2010 adding Lincoln and Langlade Counties to an existing consortium of Marathon and Wood Counties. The State created a new health care delivery system know as Family Care and the ADRC is part of that system and is the first place to go with aging and disability questions. Anyone can contact the ADRC regardless of their financial statues. This is where the Benefit Specialist comes in. Benefit Specialist are trained to provide information about the many public and private assistance programs such as Medicare, Medical Assistance, Social Security and Retirement income, nutrition programs, transportation programs and many others. There is no charge. Lincoln and Langlade contact 888-486-9545 or our excellent web site adrc-cw.com also check out the very informative news letter “Around the Kitchen Table.”
My newest appointment is North Central Health Care (NCHC) which continues to provide Mental Health, Substance Abuse and other services to Lincoln Langlade and Marathon Counties. The health care industry is undergoing huge change and understanding the trajectory of reform is imperative. NCHC is Person centered. Outcome focused.
I also serve on the Finance and Insurance Committee and help pull together the annual budget. Employee health care and insurance costs continue to grow rapidly and are large factor in balancing the budget.
Bob Weaver

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