Merrill High School presents The Wedding Singer

Merrill High School students will be performing The Wedding Singer on Thursday-Saturday, April 12-13-14, with doors opening at 7 p.m., and show starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at, where tickets can be printed to your own computer, or in the Merrill High School Activities Office, where cash, check or credit card is accepted. Tickets cost $8.50 for adults and $6.50 for students or seniors (55 and older). All seats are reserved.
The musical, The Wedding Singer, debuted on Broadway in 2006, inspired by the 1999 movie starring Drew Barrymore as Julia, and Adam Sandler as the wedding singer. While only on Broadway for less than a year, the musical itself has seen a popular resurgence through community theatre and college and high school theatrical productions.
Merrill High School musical students are proud to be performing The Wedding Singer. Actors include Matthew Pfantz as Robbie Hart, and Kimberly James as Julia Sullivan. Robbie’s band mates include Michael Bergmann as Sammy, and Kevin Lee as George. Julia’s cousin, co-worker, and friend, Holly, is performed by Alissa Uttech. Other actors include Megan Wayda as Robbie’s Grandmother, Rosie; Hunter Dux as Julia’s smarmy fiancee, Glen Guglia; Elena Jonowiak as Angie, Julia’s mother; Maria DeBroux as Linda, Robbie’s hard-rocking fiancee; and numerous impersonators including Cyndie Lauper, Billy Idol, Madonna, and Ronald Reagan. Cast members in various roles include Walter Blakey, Megan Johnson, Josh Berton, Elizabeth Pfantz, Karina Baacke, Kendra Andreska, Andrew Grawien, Briana Hall, Johnny Degner, Emily Gessler, Moriah Locke, Jacob Beyer, Brady Geiss, Annie DeBroux, Morgan Thompson, Erin Hoy, Sierra Smith, Monica Helman, Laura Grefe, Courtney Pagel, and Mark Thompson.

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