Merrill Police Department reports

March 23
12:20 a.m.- A caller reported a male was attempting to steal a barstool from a local tavern. The suspect was located and admitted to attempting to steal the barstool after another male bet him $100 he couldn’t steal 3 barstools from the establishment. The other male initially denied this and denied knowing the suspect. He later admitted he had dared the male to steal the barstools. One male was cited for unlawful removal of property. The other male was cited for obstructing an officer for having lied to officers.
3:14 p.m.- A caller reported a possible fraud attempt. She had received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House. She had been requested to pick up a gift card at Walmart and put $485 on it to send in as some part of the collection process to claim her winnings. This was verified to be a scam.
3:22 p.m.- A caller reported a battery that had occurred at the high school. Two females had gotten into an altercation following the alleged bullying of one of their sisters. Follow-up continues.
3:31 p.m.- A caller reported a male had been staring at one of his employees through a window at a convenience store. The male had told the clerk that he had been staring at her buttocks. The owner stated he did not wish for the male to come onto the property anymore. The male was warned he was not allowed on the property.
6:32 p.m.- A crash was reported on E Main St. A child on a bicycle had failed to stop at an entrance and ran into a vehicle. The child was not injured and there was no damage to the vehicle.
10:35 p.m.- A caller reported hearing a loud bang and found someone had struck his mailbox with a vehicle. Later a vehicle was located suspected to have been the striking vehicle. It was found the owner’s daughter had the vehicle and had been on her cell phone. She admitted to striking the mailbox. She was cited for hit & run, operating w/o insurance, and inattentive driving.
11:10 p.m.- A caller reported a group of youths in a tavern parking lot. He stated he heard them talking about defecating on someone’s car and something about Saran Wrap. Several vehicles were found to have plastic wrap wrapped around them. No damage was found.
March 24
4:20 a.m.- A security guard at a local business reported seeing some males engaged in horseplay near an intersection. He found they had removed a sign. An officer replaced the sign. The Street Dept was notified to ensure the sign was properly replaced.
8:12 a.m.- A business reported a bear cub behind the business. The cub had fled prior to the officer’s arrival. It appeared the cub was likely seeking food from the dumpsters. The business was advised to modify the trash situation so as to remove the food source.
1:40 p.m.- A gas station reported two gas skips. One appears to have been intentional and further investigation is being completed. The other was found to be a miscommunication between the driver and passenger. The driver paid for the bill.
1:48 p.m.- A crash was reported at E. 4th St. and Court St. One driver looked down at his cell phone as someone was calling him. This caused him to strike the vehicle ahead of him. The driver was cited for inattentive driving.
2:24 p.m.- An officer stopped a vehicle after observing the vehicle pulling a trailer with unsecured household items and appliances. The driver had two of his children in the trailer holding onto items since they were not secured. The driver was cited for passengers riding illegally.
10:20 p.m.- A caller reported a vehicle parked in the roadway with the driver slumped over the steering wheel. Contact was made with a 38 year-old female. The officers noted signs of intoxication. The driver refused to perform field sobriety tests. She was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (2nd offense) and cited for operating after revocation (2nd offense). Additionally she was found to have a warrant for her arrest through Rothschild PD, Marathon Co Sheriff’s Office and ICE.
11:52 p.m.- An officer on patrol located two youths out in violation of the curfew ordinance. Both were found to have been drinking alcoholic beverages. They were cited for underage drinking and released to their respective parent.
March 25
1:43 a.m.- A female called after she and her husband got into a verbal argument. Both were spoken to and had calmed down. They agreed to leave one another alone the remainder of the night and speak about their issues at another time.
10:40 a.m.- A caller reported seeing a cat in the windowsill of an abandoned, condemned residence. An officer did see the cat which fled to the 2nd level of the house. A live-trap was placed inside to capture the cat.
March 26
12:15 a.m.- An officer investigated an attempted burglary of a garage in the 300 block of East Street.
8:27 a.m.- A male was arrested for Criminal Trespass to a Dwelling, Disorderly Conduct, Battery and Strangulation after he entered a residence in the 700 block of Woodbine Avenue without consent, and grabbed another male by the throat.
6:45 p.m.- An officer investigated a theft of a shopping cart from a local store. A suspect was identified and contacted. He did not admit taking the cart, however said that he had possession of it and knew it was stolen. He would not provide the names of the person(s) that took the cart. He was cited for possession of stolen property and brought the cart back.
10:28 p.m.- An officer stopped a vehicle on East Main Street after finding that the owner had a revoked driver’s license and a warrant. The male driver was found to be the owner and was taken to the jail for Operating after Revocation 3rd offense and the active arrest warrant.
11:03 p.m.- An officer investigated a theft of antennas from an apartment in the 700 block of Woodbine Avenue. The suspect has not yet been contacted, investigation continues.
March 28
8:52 a.m.- Dispatch received a 911 hang-up from the middle school. It was found a student had dared another to make the call. The two were spoken to about the proper use of the 911 system.
2:51 p.m.- A male was arrested at the request of Probation & Parole for a probation violation.
5:25 p.m.- A caller reported her laundry had been in the washing machine at a Laundromat continuously washing and she couldn’t get the machine to stop. The owner was contacted to assist.
March 29
6:58 a.m.- A caller reported someone had uprooted a tree and damaged another. The trees belong to the city and the street dept. was made aware. No known suspect(s).
7:21 a.m.- A caller reported two deer ornaments in the roadway. These were brought to the PD until the owner can be identified.
12:04 p.m.- A caller reported his elderly mother had received likely fraud attempt phone calls. It was found a company had called his mother to report she had won $250,000 through Walmart. She was instructed to purchase a certified check to send in for processing fees. The caller’s mother did not send any money. It was found to be a scam. The phone number was traced to Jamaica.
1:20 p.m.- A caller reported a female had left her two young children in her vehicle while she attended a meeting. The children, age 4 & 5, were found alone in the vehicle. The mother stated she had left them alone for approx. 1/2 hr while she attended a mandatory company meeting as she couldn’t find a babysitter. Marathon Co. Dept of Social Services was contacted (as the family lives in their jurisdiction). A charge of child neglect was forwarded to the district attorney’s office.
7:16 p.m.- A caller reported her husband was intoxicated and had been drinking in violation of his probation rules. Contact was made with the male who was clearly very intoxicated. He became resistive towards officers. He was arrested for a probation violation and resisting an officer.
9:08 p.m.- A caller reported seeing a male load two boxes and other items from behind an auto parts shop. The caller provided a description of the vehicle. The vehicle was located by an officer and stopped.
It was found the male had made arrangements with an employee to pick up the items after hours. This was confirmed by the store owner.

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