High winds spark grass fire

The Merrill Fire Department was dispatched for a grass fire in the Town of Scott on the Town of Harding border on the west side of County Road E Tuesday night. Initially, the Merrill DNR and Corning Fire Department were dispatched to this location just after 8:30 p.m. When Merrill Fire arrived on scene, the fire was about an acre in size along with downed power line wires, which prompted a call to Wisconsin Public Service.
High winds appeared to have caused a tree to fall onto the power lines, severing them. The energized power lines landed in some very dry grassy vegetation which started on fire. The high winds helped fan the fire which spread very rapidly. The fire was quickly extinguished by the fire personnel on scene.
Due to the existing conditions, including the unseasonably warm temperatures which caused the early snow melt along with the lack of rain, conditions for wild land fires are ripe with the extremely dry vegetation on the ground. The Merrill Fire Department would like to remind people that grass fires will start and spread quickly at this time until we receive some precipitation, especially if there is any wind. Be very careful when burning this time of year (always check the DNR website to see whether burning is even allowed) whether you burn garbage in a barrel or have a campfire. Never leave any fire unattended as a spark from either one could start a wild land fire.

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