03-28-12 Merrill Police Dept reports

March 16
7:41 a.m.- An officer investigated a complaint of a house that was egged on Wildwood Lane. No suspects were identified.
1:07 p.m.- An officer investigated a theft complaint in the 300 block of E. 2nd St.
5 p.m.- Officers responded to a complaint where the reporting person saw the suspect pour alcohol in a soda bottle while in a vehicle. They then saw the suspect drive away. The suspect was stopped and cited for open intoxicants, operating without a valid license and operating without insurance.
10:03 p.m.- A male was taken into custody for a probation violation in the 400 block of E. 5th St.
March 17
1:03 a.m.- An officer observed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed on E. 3rd St. The vehicle was stopped and the male driver appeared to be intoxicated. He performed sobriety tests and was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, 1st offense.
2:16 a.m.- Officers received a Crime Stoppers tip about an underage drinking party in the 700 block of Woodbine Avenue. Officers responded and found that an underage male at the residence had been drinking. The male was also on probation. He was arrested for violating his probation rules. He was also cited for underage drinking.
2:31 a.m.- Officers responded to a fight call in the 1400 block of W. Main St. A female was arrested, after witnesses said that she had been physically fighting with numerous people. She was also arrested for possession of a Schedule 2 Narcotic, after officers found the narcotics in her possession, and charged with criminal damage to property after urinating in the squad.
8:39 p.m.- Officers arrested a male party in the 800 block of S. State St., after receiving a complaint that he had thrown his girlfriend’s belongings out into the yard.
10:05 p.m.- An officer saw a vehicle run the stop sign on W. Main St. at Grand Ave. The vehicle was stopped and the male driver appeared intoxicated. He performed sobriety tests and was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, 2nd offense.
11:53 p.m.- Officers responded to a domestic related disturbance in the 100 block of Hendricks St. A female was arrested for Battery and Disorderly Conduct.
March 18
7:04 a.m.- A caller reported someone, sometime overnight, had sideswiped his vehicle and then fled the scene. Dark paint transfer was located on the victim’s vehicle. Investigation continues.
3:24 p.m.- A minor crash was reported in the Family Dollar parking lot. One driver was backing out of a stall and struck the other vehicle. The driver was cited for operating without insurance. A crash report was completed.
March 19
6:16 a.m.- A business discovered persons had made entry into the business and drove a forklift around. Investigation continues.
8:14 a.m.- A caller reported seeing an over-turned canoe with two people clinging to it in the Wisconsin River. The area was checked. The caller returned to the scene to point out what he had seen. It was found the caller had seen a log.
11:43 a.m.- An officer assisted Probation & Parole in taking a female into custody for a probation violation.
11:48 a.m.- An officer cited a 16-year-old male for underage possession of tobacco after observing him smoking a cigarette.
5:31 p.m.- A caller reported receiving a “free” can of candy from Publisher’s Clearing House. He stated he had returned it but had now received a bill. The caller was provided a number to contact the company to resolve the issue.
5:48 p.m.- A caller reported finding a credit card on the sidewalk. The card was turned over to owner.
6:28 p.m.- A caller reported two kindergarten age girls were riding their tricycles into the road “playing chicken” with oncoming vehicles. The caller had spoken with the mother and called as she felt the mother hadn’t taken the report seriously. The officer didn’t receive an answer at the door.
March 20
8 a.m.- The owner of Michael’s Restaurant, 119 S Foster St., reported that someone stole all of the letters off of his portable sign used to advertise. The letters were stolen overnight between March 19 and March 20.
6:12 p.m.- Drew’s Piggly Wiggly reported that they caught someone shoplifting some food items. Police responded, and the 73 year old male suspect was issued a citation for retail theft.
9:03 p.m.- A resident from the 800 block of Lake St. reported that someone stole an expensive item from inside of his garage.
8:50 p.m.- A resident from the 700 block of S. Oregon St. reported that someone dumped garbage in her yard, and put dead fish on her vehicle.
March 21
12 p.m.- Officers received information via Crime Stoppers that a wanted person was currently in Merrill at an E. 1st S.t address. Contact was made at the address and the person was found to be present.
The suspect was arrest for 6 active warrants from varying jurisdictions.
4:45 p.m.- A caller reported reckless driving by a specific vehicle and had followed the vehicle to a location on N. Center Ave. The driver was then contacted by the police about the observed violations and their parent was contacted as well. The reporting party was also reported to have used vulgar language upon confronting the driver. The Merrill PD promotes citizens being good observers and witnesses for us. Direct contact is not advised with violators who may receive enforcement action.
March 22
11:22 p.m.- Officers investigated an attempted burglary of a business in the 1200 block of E. Main St. The business was not entered and nothing was taken. Fingerprints were taken from the scene, investigation continues.

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