03-28-12 Merrill Fire Dept reports

In this column: MGSHC = Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center; AWH = Aspirus Wausau Hospital; MSCH = Ministry St. Clare’s Hospital; MSJH = Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital; PCNH = Pine Crest Nursing Home; MVA = motor vehicle accident.
March 16
Medic runs: #324- 7:27 a.m., 32yo, Farmingdale Rd. to MSCH, medical; #325- 7:52 a.m., 89yo, Hwy. 107 to MGSHC, medical; #326- 5:02 p.m., 51yoF, Jackson St., no transport.
Other activities: Smoke training; fire station tour.
March 17
Medic runs: #327- 10:41 a.m., 69yoM, Cty. FF to MGSHC, medical; #328- 5:07 p.m., 29yoF, 12th St. to MGSHC, medical; #329- 5:07 p.m., 37woF, 12th St. to MGSHC, medical; #330- 5:50 p.m., 92yoM, S. Center Ave. to MGSHC, medical; #331- W. Taylor St.; #332- 9:36 p.m., 53yoM, Cty. K to MGSHC, trauma.
Other activities: EMS training on childbirth, delivery & complications of delivery; review of equipment & procedures for all childbirth emergencies.
March 18
Medic runs: #333- 11:19 a.m., 88yoM, O’Day St. to MGSHC, illness; #334- 11:55 a.m., 97yoF, O’Day St. to MGSHC, respiratory; #335- 5:53 p.m., 51yoF, Irma to MGSHC, cardiac; #336- 11:37 p.m., 74yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, cardiac.
Other activities: EMS run review, taking certain runs from previous month & using them for training purposes.
March 19
Medic runs: #337- 3:32 a.m., 18yoM, N. State St. to MGSHC, illness; #338- 8:45 a.m., 61yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, illness; #339- 7:47 p.m., 77yoF, N. Polk St., no transport; #340- 9:54 p.m., 79yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: Training on pumping & drafting with wildland vehicles to prepare for fighting wildland fires; CPR class taught to Merrill PD personnel; fire inspections in city of Merrill.
March 20
Medic runs: #341- 3:11 a.m., 79yoM, MGSHC to PCNH, medical; #342- 8 a.m., 55yoF, Douglas St. to MGSHC; #343- 11:30 a.m., 79yoF, PCNH to MGSHC, illness; #344- 1:21 p.m., no transport; #345- 4:29 p.m., 79yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, respiratory; #346- 5:36 p.m., 79yoF, MGSHC to PCNH, illness; #347- 11:23 p.m., 23yoF, LCSD to AWH, pregnancy.
Other activities: Training with brush truck, pumping & drafting out of a water source; training with boat on the river; training with the 6-wheeler & pumping with it.
March 21
Medic runs: #348- 6:28 a.m., W. Riverside Ave., no transport; #349- 8:33 a.m., Cty. C, no transport; #350- 11:48 a.m., 80yoM, Jenny Towers to MGSHC, respiratory.
Other activities: CPR & First Aid class taught to members of Park & Rec Dept; safety talk to 30 people; all on-duty members refreshed on pumping & drafting with brush truck; fire prevention inspections.
March 22
Medic runs: #351- 4:32 a.m., 74yoF, Bradley Ave. to MGSHC, cardiac; #352- 4:32 a.m., 83yoF, N. Memorial Dr. to MGSHC, cardiac; #353- 7:03 a.m., 45yoM, East St. to MGSHC, medical; #354- 9:10 a.m., 45yoM, MGSHC to AWH, medical; #355- 8:42 p.m., 83yoF, MGSHC to AWH, cardiac.
Other activities: CPR/First Aid class taught to members of Merrill Police Dept.; ambulance tour at MGSHC for groups of kindergarten students; bi-annual fire prevention inspections of area businesses.

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