03-28-12 Lincoln County Circuit Court

In this column: a/t = assess./treat., DC = disorderly conduct, BJ = bail jumping, CDTP = criminal damage to property, OAR = operating after revocation, PTAC = party to a crime.
Danny J. Nicklaus, 25, Gleason, reckless driving-cause great bodily harm, hit & run, and resisting/obstructing an officer, 36 mos probation, $500 fine, AODA, no alcohol/taverns, 120 days jail, no firearms, no contact w/victim, 1 yr driverse license revocation.
Nicole E. Elsholtz, 24, Merrill, resisting/obstructing an officer, $100 fine.
Lyle R. Dallman Jr., 28, Merrill, exposing genitals or pubic area (habitual criminality), 4 yrs prison (2yrs confinement/2 yrs extended supervision), $1000 restitution.
Joseph T. Zannino, 20, Merrill, theft (2 counts), 12 mos probation, $100 fine each count, no contact w/victims, 10 days jail; take & drive vehicle without owner’s consent, 18 mos probation, $100 fine, $730 restitution, no contact w/victim, 10 days jail concurrent.
Russell J. Alioto, 49, Tomahawk, OAR & BJ misdemeanor, $100 fine each count.
Paul D. Pietschmann Jr., 21, Irma, computer message-threaten/obscenity, 6 mos probation.
Janet L. Zellner, 51, Merrill, theft PTAC (2 counts), 24 mos probation, $100 fine each count.
Jessica L. Gronholm, 36, Merrill, DC, $250 fine.
Christopher L. Albrecht, 25, Merrill, resisting/obstructing an officer, 12 mos probation, $100 fine.
Shawna L. Kletzine, 30, Merrill, DC, 6 mos probation, $100 fine.
Richard J. Huffman, 20, Woodruff, theft, 12 mos probation, $100 fine, apology letter to victims, restitution totaling $1600.
Alison B. Cronick, 19, Tomahawk, theft PTAC, 12 mos probation, apology letter to victims, restitution totaling $1600.
Mark J. Maurer, 50, Tomahawk, possess controlled substance & possess drug paraphernalia, 12 mos probation, $250 fine, AODA.

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