Judge Hartley resigns

Lincoln County Circuit Court Branch II Judge Glenn Hartley announced his resignation from the bench Tuesday. Hartley released the following statement to the media Tuesday:

“Dear Folks,

“On today’s date I have mailed my letter of resignation to Madison, indicating that I am resigning as Judge of Circuit Court, Lincoln County, Branch II, effective as of June 10th, 2012. I have asked that a Judge be appointed for after that date, with all due haste so as to create the least amount of disruption in services as possible.

“It has been a pleasure serving the people of Lincoln County for the past 12 plus years and I look forward to sitting on occasion as a Reserve Judge in the future. I wish to thank the residents of Lincoln County for their cooperation and their trust that they placed in me. However, the time has now come for me to give up that seat and the trust that has been placed in me, and to move on to other things important in my life.”


Hon. Glenn H. Hartley

Hartley, 64, was elected to 6-year terms in 1999, 2005 and 2011.

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