Hanging Basket kick-off

With spring right around the corner, members of the Hanging Flower Basket Committee have been busy making plans for the kick-off of their fund raising drive for the 2012 summer season. This is year five for the Hanging Flower Basket project and again plans are in progress to line the streets of Merrill with beautiful baskets of wave petunias.

“This is truly a community effort and the success of the drive depends on the generosity of Merrill citizens,” said Helene Ader, chair of the Hanging Flower Basket Committee.

The 2012 season faces new challenges. First and foremost is raising funds to replace the Kawasaki Mule, which has been used for watering the flowers these past three years.

“During the 2011 season, the Mule, which was purchased from Army Surplus, was often out of commission, so it was necessary to rely on a Park and Recreation Department vehicle which will not be available to us this year,” Ader said. “Consequently, we are in the market for a good, used, “Gator”-like vehicle, capable of hauling a 100 gallon water tank.”

Also of concern, is replacement of baskets which have been used now for four seasons.

“The wear and tear is evident, so we are experiments this season with two new baskets to see how they stand up to the forces of nature,” Ader said.

Baskets on East Main Street’s business district will be replaced with baskets by Bloom Master, which are used by many area communities, including Tomahawk, and produced a more elongated product. Another trial basket is made from recycled materials and has found success in area nurseries.

Contributions to the project remain the same as previous years with $60 for a basket donation and $100 for a pole donation of two baskets. However, the committee welcomes donations of any size.

“Donations to the beautification effort are critical to continuing the project since the committee relies on community support to fund the program,” Ader said.

If you, or your organization or business wish to donate, contribution forms will be found in posters at Johnson’s Gifts, First Street Coffee Station, Drew’s, Burman’s Flowers and the Chamber of Commerce. Grocery bag stuffers will also be used as part of the campaign.

This year’s committee members are: Helene Ader, Chr., Jack Ader, Marty and Sharon Anderson, Ginny Drew, Carla Moore, Jane ann Savaske and Marilyn Wright.

“The committee is grateful to the community for the generous support Merrill has sown these past years,” Ader said. “We are hoping for another successful drive!”

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