03-07 Merrill Police Department reports

February 24

10:38 a.m.- an officer met with a caller who reported a mother had been smoking marijuana at his residence and blowing the smoke into the infant’s face. The mother admitted to smoking marijuana but denied blowing the smoke in the infant’s face. The infant was assessed by a doctor who reported the infant had THC in its system. The child was removed from the mother’s custody by Social Services. The mother was arrested for child neglect, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

12:38 p.m.- a caller reported a female with an accent called seeking personal information from her. The caller claimed to be selling prescription medications for senior citizens. An investigator tracked the suspect through an internet site. It was found there had been numerous attempts to gather personal information from the phone number. It was tracked to New York.

2:16 p.m.- the school resource officer spoke with three students following a fight in the locker room. Investigation continues.

5:49 p.m.- a gas station reported a male had pumped fuel and left without paying for it. The suspect was located through the vehicle’s registration plate. He had attempted to use a debit card at the pump but the transaction had not gone through. He paid the bill.

6:21 p.m.- a female called to report her husband was intoxicated and passed out on the couch. This was in violation of his probation rules. The male was found in an intoxicated state. He was arrested for the probation violation.

February 25

2:50 p.m.- an officer stopped a vehicle for speeding. The officer could see clues indicative of opiate drug use from the driver. The driver was placed through standardized field sobriety testing and drug testing. He was arrested for drugged driving. The driver was found to be taking numerous prescription medications.

11:49 p.m.- a caller reported her boyfriend had gotten upset with her and purposefully drove his car into her unoccupied truck. The boyfriend was located and he denied being involved in the incident. There was damage to his vehicle which he claimed was old. This was found to be untrue. The boyfriend was arrested for criminal damage to property. At the police department he was placed through standardized field sobriety tests which he failed. As such he was also arrested for operating while intoxicated. He was booked into the jail for criminal damage to property, domestic disorderly conduct and operating while intoxicated.

February 26

11:11 a.m.- a caller reported she thought someone had tried to gain access to her garage sometime overnight. Entry had not been made. There was a set of footprints in the snow but it appeared old. It is unknown for certain whether anybody had attempted to access the garage. The officer put in the address for extra patrol.

2:44 p.m.- a caller reported $50 in change missing from her residence. She named several suspects some of whom lived in the home. Some denied involvement, others the caller refused to allow officers to speak to.

8:24 p.m.- a caller reported sometime since 4 p.m. the previous day somebody had caused several scratches to the hood of his vehicle. Investigation continues.

February 29

Officers assisted numerous motorists throughout the day who had become stuck in snow following the snow storm.

10:14 a.m.- a caller reported his neighbor was using a lawnmower with snow blower attachment and was creating snow piles. The caller felt this was harassing and threatening. The officer advised him the neighbor’s actions were not harassing in nature. The caller asked the incident be documented.

11:09 a.m.- a caller reported his neighbor was yelling and swearing at him in reference to snow removal. It was found the neighbor got upset as a snowplow struck her shrubbery while plowing the neighbor’s driveway. The caller admitted he had used inappropriate language towards the neighbor which made the situation worse. Both were spoken to about their actions.

1:36 p.m.- Marathon Co Sheriff’s Dept. received a 911 call which was found to have originated in Merrill. The 911 call was transferred to Lincoln Co dispatch center. It was found two small children had been playing with their mother’s phone while she was busy shoveling snow. The children were spoken to about the proper use of 911.

3:29 p.m.- a caller reported a domestic dispute within an apt. complex. Contact was made with a boyfriend/girlfriend. They were found to have engaged in a verbal argument. They were warned to keep the noise level down within the apt. building.

March 1

12:52 a.m.- a caller reported his neighbor was punching the wall in his apartment causing damage to his wall. The officer made contact with the caller who showed the officer damage to his wall from the neighbor. The neighbor refused to answer the door for officers although he was seen inside. He will face a citation or criminal charges for criminal damage to property after follow up investigation concludes.

1:40 a.m.- a caller reported she was in a verbal altercation with her husband. It was found the two had been arguing throughout the day. The female suffered a panic attack after officers arrived on scene. The two agreed to leave one another alone the remainder of the night which they agreed to do.

7:33 a.m.- a convenience store located a counterfeit $10 bill in their money. The $10 was sent to the U.S. Secret Service.

8:02 a.m.- a caller reported sometime overnight someone had slashed the tires on her vehicle. The victim named a few suspects. Investigation continues.

9:56 a.m.- an officer was requested by Social Services to assist in their follow up involving a mother neglecting her children by being under the influence of drugs. The mother tested positive for THC (marijuana) and Methamphetamine. She admitted to using meth two days prior. The children were removed from her custody and placed with her sister. Investigation continues.

2:22 p.m.- a female was located in City Hall who had a warrant through the Merrill PD. She was able to post the bond amount.

3:33 p.m.- a male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of probation & parole.

4:38 p.m.- a male called following an altercation with his mother. It was found the caller had a warrant for his arrest through Marathon County. The altercation was found to be a verbal argument. The male was arrested for the warrant and turned over to a Marathon Co deputy.

7:46 p.m.- an officer on patrol came upon a vehicle stuck in the snow at the entrance to a parking lot. The driver was found to have no valid driver’s license and operating without insurance. She was cited for operating without a valid driver’s license. Officers were able to get the vehicle removed from the snow and someone came to pick the driver up.

8:16 p.m.- a Tomahawk officer was investigating a case involving the use of a stolen credit card. The card was found to have been used in the city of Merrill as well. An officer met with the convenience store clerk and was told only the manager could access the video surveillance. The officer will meet with the manager at a later date to view the video. Investigation continues.

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