2-22 Merrill Police Dept reports

February 10

10:40 a.m.- A caller reported her daughter’s medication was missing after being at her father’s residence. The father stated it had been stolen and provided a suspect. Investigation continues.

11:10 a.m.- The school resource officer wrote a citation for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle and violation of GDL restrictions to a 17-year-old male after receiving two complaints of the male’s driving behavior.

4:26 p.m.- A female called after her four-year-old locked her out of the house. The officer was able to get the lock opened.

4:40 p.m.- Good Samaritan Health Care Center called after a male became loud and disruptive. There had been some type of misunderstanding between the male and Marshfield Clinic. The male apologized for his behavior and was warned for his actions.

10:06 p.m.- A caller reported seeing people at his neighbor’s house with flashlights looking in the windows. It was found the neighbor had locked herself out of her house and had been looking to gain access.

February 11

2:03 p.m.- An officer was dispatched to a residence as two neighbors were quarreling about noise. The officer spoke with the two as did a lieutenant. The two were satisfied with the outcome.

2:56 p.m.- An anonymous caller reported a male and female in a verbal altercation outside. The officer spoke with the two and they agreed to conduct themselves more civilized while in public.

3:41 p.m.- A caller reported a male was fighting with his son. It was found two brothers were fighting as one was unhappy with his brother’s attitude. The father separated the two before it turned into a physical altercation. The predominant aggressor was warned what would occur if he became physical with his brother.

8:38 p.m.- A caller reported someone had spray-painted on his garage door. The officer found derogatory remarks painted on the door. While investigating the complaint the officer found two additional garages that had been spray-painted on the doors with derogatory words. It was found one person was responsible for the graffiti based on a single set of footprints in the snow. The person had also spray-painted derogatory images and words on snow banks while walking down an alleyway. Investigation continues.

10:34 p.m.- An officer stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation. The officer saw clues indicative of intoxication from the driver. The driver was brought to the PD to perform standardized field sobriety testing due to cold weather. The tests were failed and the driver arrested for operating while intoxicated.

February 12

3:48 a.m.- Officers were dispatched to a suspicious activity complaint. A male party was trying to enter the residence of the complainant and the caller did not know the male party. Officers located the suspect. He was intoxicated and was trying to find his aunt’s residence. Contact was not made with his aunt, but he was taken to a different residence and was dropped off.

4:01 a.m.- Officers were dispatched to a residence and the caller thought she had heard someone inside her residence. Officers cleared her residence and no one was located inside. She was advised to lock all her doors.

3:56 p.m.- Officers took a report of a hit and run at the Super Wash car wash on E. Main St. A vehicle had struck the vacuum sometime between 1 & 3 p.m. and caused significant damage to the vacuum.

9:09 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to a noise complaint. The caller stated the upstairs neighbor was stomping around the apartment. Contact was made with the upstairs tenant, who denied any stomping. They were advised of the complaint and asked to be more courteous to their neighbor.

February 13

7 a.m.- An officer responded to Good Samaritan ER for a suspect who attempted to obtain a prescription by fraud. The suspect was identified and the investigation will continue.

2:15 p.m.- A citizen of Merrill received a scam phone call from a person claiming to be a young family member. This suspect claimed they were being held in a Mexico jail and required bail money. The scam involved the victim wiring funds to a third party to arrange for bail. A Check-n-Go employee recognized the scam and prevented the transaction. The suspect was found to be calling from a Canadian phone number which was reported to Canadian authorities.

6:15 p.m.- An officer assisted an employee of Check-n-Go and another Merrill citizen with a suspicious transaction. The citizen had been in contact with person(s) via Craigslist regarding a possible vehicle purchase that was too good to be true. The scam required that the victim wire $2000 to a party in Florida and they would arrange for a vehicle to be shipped north from IL. The citizen was later convinced that this was a scam.

February 14

3:10 p.m.- An officer received a report from a local bank regarding altered and counterfeit checks deposited into a suspect’s account. Further investigation will follow as well contact with the suspect.

6 p.m.- Officers responded to a possible domestic disturbance in the 700 block of Woodbine Ave. The reported suspect individuals were not located immediately but were initially reported to possibly be armed. Eventually contact was made with the resident where there was no claim of domestic related offenses. The potential suspect was located returning to the address and was checked for weapons. None were located. No evidence of violations existed.

8:20 p.m.- An anonymous party reported a suspicious person on N. Scott St. walking around with a computer. The subject was found to be a young person who lives in the area simply taking advantage of publicly broadcasted WIFI. There were no violations and no further action required.

February 15

9:55 a.m.- Investigators took a report of a burglary at the fairgrounds. The storage units below the grandstands were broken in to. Items being stored in there were damaged. Investigation continues.

11:10 a.m.- Officer responded to a local business for a 911 hang up. Contact was made with the manager who stated they did not know of any emergency but was aware that an employee was attempting to make an international call, which turned out to be the issue.

3:40 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to a child welfare complaint. The caller stated they observed a child in a vehicle with no adult around. The vehicle was located and the driver of the vehicle was within 20 feet of the vehicle, keeping an eye on the sleeping 2 year old. The child was not being neglected.

6:18 p.m.- Officer was dispatched to a residence for a suspicious activity complaint. The caller stated a younger male party wearing a suit came to her apartment earlier in the day and was trying to serve her papers for someone else. The caller told the male that the party he is looking for no longer lives at the residence. The male party then attempted to gain entry into the residence but was unsuccessful. No further description of the male suspect. Officers will keep extra patrol in the area.

11:04 p.m.- Officer was dispatched to an internet complaint. The caller had an email stating they were being billed almost $700 for something they did not purchase. The caller had already called the bank and their credit card companies and nothing had been billed or taken out of any accounts. This is a phishing scam and the caller was told to delete the email and to call if any further issues would arise.

February 16

8:54 a.m.- An officer on patrol stopped a vehicle for not having registration plates attached to the vehicle. The driver was found to be under the influence. He admitted to smoking marijuana earlier. He was arrested for drugged driving and cited for non-registration.

9:15 a.m.- The school resource officer was advised that a female student was said to be in possession of two knives and had threatened another student. The knives were found and seized. The student was referred to social services.

12:36 p.m.- A caller reported finding two pieces of paper towels on her vehicle with writing from someone wishing to express their intimate feelings for her. A suspect was named. He admitted to leaving the notes as a joke. He was warned to cease further such contact with the caller.

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