2-1-12 Merrill Fire Department Reports

January 20
Fire/rescue runs: #13- 9:25 a.m., CO check at S. Prospect St. residence, nothing found; #14- 12:53 p.m., CO detector going off at Mathews St. residence, fire crew had readings up to 100 ppm, house evacuated, problem found to be water heater; #15- 2:51 p.m., sprinkler system activated at T. B. Scott Library in east entrance atrium, possibly a frozen pipe caused head to discharge, staff cleaning up water damaged area.
Medic runs: #92- 6:40 a.m., 50yoF, E. 3rd St., patient assist, fall; #93- 10:20 a.m., 90yoF, PCNH to MGSHC, medical; #94- 64yoF, 8:39 p.m., N. Memorial Dr. to MGSHC, trauma.
Other activities: fire inspection east side of town.
January 21
Fire/rescue runs: #16- 4:21 p.m., sprinkler head activitated at Semco, 605 N. Ohio St., shut off sprinkler system & cleaned up water on floors.
Medic runs: #95- 9:20 a.m., 77yoM, Town Hall Rd. to MGSHC, trauma; #96- 12:32 p.m., 15yoM, MARC Dr. to MGSHC, trauma; #97- 11:15 p.m., 67yoM, Maple Rd., no transport, medical.
Other activities: review of the state training on individuals or families wishes to resuscitate and training on the DNR bracelets.
January 22
Fire/rescue runs: #17- 2:36 p.m., natural gas smell in basement of N. Park St. residence, found dryer vent disconnected, tests showed 0 ppm.
Medic runs: #98- 2:18 p.m., 51yoM, 8th St. to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: review pulseless non breather and the procedure followed by paramedics, EMTs; cardiac monitor, airways, CPR.
January 23
Medic runs: #99- 10;17 a.m., 87yoM, W. Taylor St. to MGSHC, trauma; #100- 11:46 a.m., East St., no transport; #101- 1:04 p.m., 81yoM, County Line Rd. to MGSHC, medical; #102- 1:59 p.m., 87yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, medical; #103- 3:54 p.m., 44yoF, MGSHC to MSCH, cardiac.
Other activities: EMT-Paramedic refresher class.
January 24
Medic runs: #104- 12:43 p.m., 21yoM, Robinson Dr. to MGSHC, trauma; #105- 2:20 p.m., 56yoM, Hwy. P to MGSHC, cardiac.
Other activities: handgun training on the concealed carry law.
January 25
Medic runs: #106- 1:40 a.m., 80yoM, E. 1st St. to MGSHC, respiratory; #107- 3:24 a.m., 64yo, S. Foster St. to MGSHC, respiratory; #108- 2:11 p.m., N. Mill St. to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: fire code inspections in the town of Merrill and city of Merrill.
January 26
Fire/rescue runs: #18- 7:06 p.m., CO check at S. Foster St. residence, found 91 ppm, furnace repair called, no source of CO found.
Medic runs: #109- 4:43 p.m., 88yoF, Thielman St. to MGSHC, illness; #110- 5;54 p.m., 69yoF, O’Day St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #111- 9:22 p.m., 89yoF, Glen Dr. to MGSHC, cardiac.
Other activities: paramedic refresher class taught by NTC at the Merrill Fire Dept.

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