1-25-12 Merrill Police Dept. reports

January 12
4:25 p.m.- a 28 year old female was arrested on a traffic stop after finding that she had a warrant for her arrest.
9:37 p.m.- a 19 year old male was arrested on a traffic stop for two outstanding warrants. He was also issued a citation for operating with a suspended driver’s license.
January 13
8:39 a.m.- a person turned in a wallet she had found. A message was left for the owner to pick it up from the PD.
2:14 p.m.- three high school students were found in a vehicle in the parking lot rather than attending class. Two were cited for truancy and one for possession of tobacco by juvenile.
4:37 p.m.- officers investigated an incident in the roundabout. A female stated she honked her horn at another female in the roundabout due to not yielding properly. The reporting person stated the female in the offending car then gave her a vulgar gesture. Officers talked to the driver of the alleged offending vehicle and she denied making any gestures.
1:48 a.m.- an abandoned bike was picked up on River St., anyone recently having a bike stolen please report it to the police department for possible identification.
January 14
5:07p.m.- a female was arrested for a probation violation for violating the terms of her monitoring.
6:31 p.m.- a caller reported an intoxicated male at her house refusing to leave. The male agreed to leave with officers and arrangements were made for a friend to pick him up.
9:35 p.m.- a caller reported a domestic dispute. It was found the male and female had a verbal argument. The female agreed to stay elsewhere for the remainder of the night as they could no longer be civil to one another.
January 15
12:40 a.m.- officers were dispatched to a residence where a female had been in an altercation with her live-in boyfriend. The female received injuries and items in the residence were damaged. The male party had left the residence prior to officers arriving. An arrest warrant was requested for the male party and he was later located in a different state and taken into custody on numerous charges.
7:58 a.m.- an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was exhibiting suspicious driving behavior and the driver struck the curb as it attempted to pull over. The officer observed indicators of drug use and the driver was placed through field sobriety tests and a drug evaluation. The driver admitted to using narcotics. The driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated.
11:40 p.m.- officers were dispatched to an address for a hit and run complaint. A female party had possibly been struck by a vehicle. The intoxicated female party had a broken ankle and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. After an investigation, it was determined that the female was not struck by a vehicle, but had fallen causing the injuries.
We have investigated numerous instances of 911 nuisance hangup calls recently. We ask that you please do not dial SOS on your cell phone as this will dial 911. Also lock your phone when in your pocket as many cell phones are dialing 911 while in persons’ pockets. These false 911 calls tie up dispatch and officer resources when a real emergency may be happening.
January 16
1:22 a.m.- a female called and reported that she was receiving harassing text messages from another female, who was accusing her of urinating in the neighbor’s closet. The two were intoxicated and were told to stop contacting each other.
1:45 a.m.- a female reported that her 11 year old son and his 12 year old friend had stolen her vehicle. Officers located the vehicle a short time later. An officer attempted to stop the vehicle and the vehicle accelerated away from the officer. The officer pursued the vehicle back to the mother’s residence. Both juveniles, who were on supervision, were taken into custody and were taken to Marathon County secure detention.
3:42 p.m.- a local gas station reported that a vehicle pumped nearly $50 in gas and left without paying. The officer found that the plates on the vehicle were reported stolen from a nearby jurisdiction. Video footage was obtained that the investigation continues.
5:34 p.m.- a 29 year old male was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct, after a female called and reported that the male pushed her, hit her phone from her hand and used a pressure point on her. He was taken to the jail without incident.
January 18
3:24 a.m.- Lincoln Co. Sheriff’s Dept. requested mutual aid after receiving an alarm from a county tavern. The tavern was found to have been burglarized. Officers could hear the suspects in the forest near the location. Eventually four males were taken into custody.
2:21 p.m.- an officer assisted three people following a dispute over a dog. The dog had been given to one person by the other. That person found the dog didn’t get along with her other dog and gave it to a third person. The original owner then wanted the dog back. After speaking with all involved, the dog was left with the person it was given to.
2:23 p.m.- a female was arrested for a warrant through Merrill PD.
7:51 p.m.- a caller reported her ex-boyfriend was at her apartment swearing outside. She asked that officers tell him she no longer wishes to have him at her residence. This message was passed along to the male. She was also provided information on obtaining a restraining order.
January 19
2:31 a.m.- an officer on patrol located two sets of footprints in the fresh snow. The tracks went from one vehicle to the next and the officer suspected the two were trying to enter unlocked vehicles to steal from them. The officer lost the tracks due to wind covering them with snow. No thefts were reported the following day.
7:53 a.m.- a mother reported her 14-year-old daughter had not returned home from the previous night. She had also borrowed her vehicle to the daughter’s boyfriend. An officer located the daughter and the vehicle at the boyfriend’s residence. The daughter was returned home to mom.
9:06 a.m.- a male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & Parole.
10:30 a.m.- a male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & Parole.
10:34 a.m.- a 16-year-old student was cited for truancy after habitually skipping classes.
11:45 a.m.- a male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & Parole.
11:51 a.m.- a male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & Parole.

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