Group donates pet rescue equipment

TRAIN (Tomahawk Reaching Animals In Need) recently purchased and donated animal rescue equipment to three Tomahawk area fire departments.
The equipment consists of pet oxygen recovery mask kits and large canine resuscitation bags. The masks come in three sizes for cats to large dogs. Masks for people don’t fit as securely. Pet oxygen masks allow firefighters to give oxygen more easily and safely to animals rescued from fires. The resuscitation bags are sized for large dogs and are used in conjunction with the large size mask. They are also adaptable to the other sized masks. These items are endorsed nationwide by firefighters, emergency personnel, and veterinarians alike. TRAIN got the idea for the project during a meeting where a story from Wausau was discussed. It was about a firefighter that rescued and resuscitated a dog. A national animal organization honored the firefighter and donated this special equipment to his department. Laurie Tracey, TRAIN member suggested, “We should really try to do something like that. Many people don’t even know that these animal rescue aids even exist.” Secretary, Wendy Walker quoted something she had read: “Saving one dog will not change the world. But surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” This then became the motto for the project. Over $400 was raised by the group just for this purpose.
Recipients of the equipment are: Tomahawk Fire Department, Town of Nokomis Fire Department, and Town of Little Rice Fire Department.
“I just think this is a wonderful idea,” noted Captain Lance Powers of the Tomahawk Fire Department. “For most people, pets are members of the family, especially to young children or senior citizens. This equipment provides a better means for us to help save a loved pet.” Fire Chief Wayne Kinnally with the Town of Nokomis stated, “It is always so important to have the proper equipment and tools for the job. These are specially designed to meet a specific need.” Ellen Mathein, Emergency Medical Officer, Town of Little Rice Fire Department added, “These pet rescue devices will be a great addition to our emergency responders tools. Our prayer is that we never have to use one!”
“We couldn’t be more pleased to have worked on this project,” said Sue Jaeschke, President of TRAIN “We wanted to provide equipment to possibly save animals, however, we as a group gained so much more. The dedication and commitment of all of these ‘silent servants’ is incredible. Thank you to all of our emergency personnel.”
Tomahawk Reaching Animals In Need (TRAIN) was formed in March 2010.
It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to helping all animals through funding, referrals, and education. With fundraising activities and projects, the organization has provided funds or assistance to qualified animal organizations including: The Northwood’s Wildlife Center, R.E.G.I. (Rapture Education Group, Inc.), Rhinelander Animal Shelter, The Fix Is In (Spay/Neuter Program), Saint Francis Horse Rescue, Lincoln County Humane Society, Pet Haven Sanctuary, as well as special projects.
For more information on TRAIN, or how you can help a local fire department obtain this special equipment, please call Sue at 715-453-5349 or Wendy at 715-453-1320; or write: T.R.A.I.N. P.O. Box 17, Tomahawk, WI 54487.

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