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Hip – Hip – Hooray!!!

It’s Wednesday – Just think, no more little kids with holes in their buckets that are not old enough to know about voting and budgets or the like, and having to watch ships sinking, holes blowing in walls, complaining about this person and that person because they can’t make enough money to pay taxes, school kids not being able to get an education. All kinds of other MUD SLINGING and ROCK THROWING.

Instead of watching my favorite car commercial, my favorite lawyer, or watching what meds to buy for your heartburn, etc., etc.

Would it ever be nice to donate some of that thousands of dollars (spent on political advertising) to the Salvation Army or to teachers to buy materials needed for teaching, churches, cancer cure, or ???

But never fear, November 2012 is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great if they would stop slinging mud till at least Christmas?

Charles Northway

Rib Lake

Dear Editor,

The newly formed Merrill Volleyball Booster Club would like to thank everyone who was involved in making the car wash held last Thursday afternoon a great success. Thank you to Russ Grefe and the AmericInn for allowing us to use their parking lot and to all the generous members of the Merrill community who supported the Booster Club by having their cars washed.


Merrill Volleyball Booster Club

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