MAPS to hold interviews for interim superintendent

During its meeting last night, the Merrill Area Public School Board voted to interview interim superintendent candidates on Tuesday, Aug. 16.
The list of interim superintendent candidates includes Bruce Anderson, Steven Huebbe, Paul Vine, Frederic Vorlop and Barbara Wolfe. It is the board’s intent to select an interim superintendent on Tuesday evening.
The interim superintendent will lead the school district for the 2011-12 school year, while a separate process to select a permanent superintendent proceeds. The permanent superintendent is expected to begin in July 2012.
“The school board is committed to ensuring a smooth transition in leadership over the next year and to finding a permanent superintendent who reflects the qualities community members desire in their next school leader,” said Keith Schmelling, president of the Merrill Area Public School Board. “The processes that will be used by the district to find a permanent superintendent will be transparent and allow for the involvement of community members.”

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