Carnegie Centennial tote bags now available

Tote bags commemorating the centennial of T.B. Scott Free Library’s Carnegie building are now available.

Stylish, practical, and a bargain, these bags are great for loading up with library books, music, movies, audiobooks, and computer games, or anything else you want to carry around with you.

The artwork of the historic library featured on the bags, created by Merrill High School junior Maria DeBroux, was selected from 13 designs submitted by Merrill High School art students.

The color of the bags closely resembles the color Cherokee Red, a favorite of Frank Lloyd Wright. Some say that Wright’s affection for a deep red color was inspired by the red barns that dotted his rural Wisconsin homeland.

The library’s Carnegie structure was designed in Wright’s signature Prairie Style, and Wright used the warm, brownish red to complement building materials, like the Carnegie building’s brick walls.

For the remainder of 2011, these bags are available at a special price of only $1 each.

The library’s endowment fund is subsidizing the rest of the cost as a gift to the community for supporting T.B. Scott Free Library-in its present location for 100 years, and since its founding in 1891.

To purchase a centennial tote bag, visit T.B. Scott Free Library and stop at the circulation desk. Call the library at 536-7191 if you have questions.

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