Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo

The Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo drew a crowd to the fairgrounds last weekend, for the top-level competition and live music. “This year we had a really good show,” Peter Annis, of the Board of Directors, said. “Of course, every year we have a good show. Everything went really smooth. We’ve got a committee that’s very committed to producing a good-quality, family-oriented show. The crowd was a little light on Friday night, but we saw probably one of our best crowds ever on Saturday night, and Sunday was about average. We don’t have all the numbers put together, but this is probably a little bit ahead of other years. We spend the entire year in making it a great show, we spend a week putting it up and then we tear it all down in two days. We heard a lot of comments from fans that it was a great show and they’re coming back next year. That makes us feel good.” Total payout for the rodeo competitors was $32,102.75.

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