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MHS girls soccer team players Shelby Swiechowski and Ellen Donner both picked up Honorable Mention from the Valley coaches this season despite Merrill’s 1-11 season in the difficult Valley.
“I’m proud of the girls that did receive it, and I’m proud of others that didn’t,” Merrill coach Will Bialecki said. “They’re in a conference with some pretty big names.
“A couple of others got votes but not enough. Maybe we’re a better team than just individuals. I didn’t expect seven like in the GNC the last couple of years, but I felt a couple more deserved recognition.”
Swiechowski scored two goals in league play while Donner had the game-winner versus West, but both were more than active in creating pressure and opportunities.
“Both were third-year starters and lot smaller than other girls,” Bialecki said of the seniors. “That shows they weren’t afraid to go up against other teams.
“Shelby always had the potential to do great things. Last year she went down with an ACL (tear) and I wasn’t sure if she would ever play again. But she put in all the work and effort and I think she was better this season than she’s ever been. She scored 5-6 goals for us. Her toughness physically and mentally is something we needed on the team.
“Ellen is just a terrific athlete. She’s got the right mind and capable body to get the job done. Ellen came out as a sophomore and started every game she was healthy for. She’s very good with the ball and very good at distributing the ball. She’s a solid passer. She can kick with either foot as well as any girl I’ve seen.
“I hope they both try to play next year (in college). It would be nice to see girls from Merrill playing at higher levels to show we’re moving in the right direction.”

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