Hargrave Appliance under new ownership

Hargrave Appliance in downtown Merrill is now under new ownership. Local businessmen Wally Smith (Miller’s Home Furnishings) and Scott Voigt (VIP Office Products) have partnered to purchase the appliance business from Rick Hargrave.

The New Hargrave Appliance will retain the Hargrave name, along with the current employees, including manager Krista Zelinski. The new owners do not have immediate plans to make drastic changes to the New Hargrave Appliance business, Smith noted.

“Their great reputation for great pricing and solid service will remain,” Smith said.

Appliance sales and service, along with the sale of used appliances, will remain the foundation of the New Hargrave Appliance business.

The joint venture also will not cause changes to Smith’s and Voigt’s existing, separate businesses.

Hargrave Appliance was started in 1948 by Rick’s parents, Vivian and Doug Hargrave. The business was originally located on West Main Street. In about 1951, they moved to 808 E. First St. and remained there until 1985 when Rick joined the family business and moved it to its current location at 916 E. Main St.

Voigt purchased the former Luebke’s Office Supply business in 1988. In 1996, the Voigt’s purchased the now 1011 E. Main St. and expanded the business. Merrill Radio Shack was added to the VIP business in 2006, with Scott’s son Matt as the general manager of Merrill Radio Shack.

Smith joined the Miller Home Furnishings business in 1978, becoming co-owner in 1993 and sole owner in 1998.

Smith said he and Voigt are committed to the Merrill business community and saw the purchase of the New Hargrave Appliance as an exciting venture with endless possibilities.

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