Garden of the Week feature starts June 15

Starting with our next issue and running through mid-September, the Foto News, in conjunction with Faye’s Flowers and More Garden Center, will again be recognizing the best gardens in the Merrill area through our popular Garden of the Week feature.

This is the third year that the Foto News has partnered with Faye’s to present the weekly spotlight on those who go the extra mile to make their yards a showcase.

To be selected for the honor, residents must not only have an attractive garden, but a real showcase that makes people passing by slow down or stop to admire it. And once again, we are asking for your help finding these garden gems.

“I really rely on people nominating their friends and neighbors,” said Foto News reporter Jamie Taylor. “With so many gardens already featured in the first two years, this is even more important.”

Size of the garden doesn’t play as big a part in the final selection process as how attractive the presentation. After all, the garden has to translate into photographs that will be in the ad each week.

“Many of the people I have featured over the last two years really work at the overall impression their gardens make on the viewer. Some have been at it for years while a few have been new to gardening,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that many of the featured gardeners have been happy to share the secrets to their gardening success with others. Most got started with a small bed of flowers or some containers and became hooked on the gardening bug. Many have learned a lot from talking with other gardeners, which is something they try to pass on to whoever stops to admire their work.

To nominate someone for Garden of the Week, stop by Faye’s Flowers and More Garden Center at N361 Brandenburg Avenue next to the Highway 51 Truck Stop and fill out a form. Be sure to ask about their weekly specials while there or consult with them on ways to turn your garden into a work of yard art.

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