City Administrator resigns

Merrill’s embattled city administrator tendered his resignation to the mayor on Wednesday, effective the end of April.
The resignation of Tony R. Chladek was announced at a Personnel and Finance committee meeting Wednesday afternoon by City Attorney Tom Hayden.
According to P&F Committee Chairman Steve Hass, Chladek’s resignation did not require any action by the full Common Council. Hayden said it was also his legal opinion that the resignation was enough to end Chladek’s employment with the city.
“A resignation is a unilateral action that does not require a response from the council,” Hayden said.
Nine people spoke during the public comment period at the end of the meeting. Seven of them spoke in defense of Chladek, some saying the incident that started a week ago when the Committee of the Whole voted 6-1 to recommend Chladek be fired might give the city a black eye.
Former Alderman Ray Bloomer disagreed, saying there is more going on behind the scenes that cannot be discussed in public that foreshadowed last week’s action.
“This has been coming for two years now,” Bloomer said.
More details will appear in the April 13 print edition and on this website as they become available.

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