THS sweeps Screaming Eagles

The Hatchet co-ed track team backed off its opening weekend of large multi-team invites at state college tracks by hosting last Thursday’s indoor dual meet with Chequamegon.
But Tomahawk still experienced plenty of success, winning the girls meet 89.5-36.5 and taking the boys event 69-57.
The Tomahawk girls won 12 of 15 events to stake their claim over the Screaming Eagles.
Kellan Flynn headlined the meet with a high jump of 5′ 6″, four inches better than the school record set by Andrea Deau back in 1982. She also anchored the winning 12-lap team of Emily Miller, McKena Viegut and Rachael Miller to a 6:26.47.
Other double-winners for THS included R. Miller with her 1600M (6:09.94); Marlee Kiander in the 40M highs (:07.43) and lows (NT); and Grace Mickelson in the pole vault (7′ 0″) and 3-lap (1:40.64).
Other victories came from: Rachel Sudbury (20-lap, 12:06.63); Anna Sudbury (TJ, 35′ 2″); Deonna Schlinsog (5-lap, 3:01.44); Julia Albert (2-lap, 1:01.55); and the 8-lap relay (E. Miller, Viegut, Katie Koth, Brianna Renn, 3:45.95).
Turning in runner-up finishes for the girls were: Kaili Ogstad (HJ, 4′ 8″/ 40M HH, :07.56); Kelsey Renn (PV, 6′ 6″/20-lap, 13:52.97); Koth (LJ, 14′ 5.25″/ 40M, :06.54); Viegut (TJ, 28′ .5″) and Regan Swan (10-lap, 7:02.24).
Thirds were registered by: Kaitlin Gaedtke (40M, :06.77/ 40 LH, :08.97); Sam Schade (SP, 25′ 10″); Michelle Loretz (PV, 6′ 0″); Megan White (3-lap, 1:46.71); Allison Gustafson (5-lap, 3:13.14).
The boys were paced by triple-winner Travis Spaeth, who took down the long jump (20′ 9.5″), the 45M highs (:07.41) and 40M lows (:06.79).
Other victories came from: Zack Brusewitz (SP, 38′ 1.5″); Larry Hendzel (TJ, 36′ 8.75″); Garrett Daigle (PV, 9′ 0″); Bryan Tomek (20-lap (11:03.150; Matt Gerber (40M, :05.39); Eddie Yirsa (3-lap, 1:18.47); and the 12-lap team (Dylan Dahl, Connor Ahrens, Daigle, Ryan Kuehn, 5:37.52).
Placing second were: Tom Miller (HJ, 5′ 2″); Yirsa (TJ, 35′ .5″); Peter Pintens (PV, 8′ 0″); Kuehn (5-lap, 2:42.05) and Hendzel (2-lap, :49.28).
Earning thirds were: Randal Freeman (SP, 35′ 11″); Dan Galloy (40M, :05.56); Ahrens (1600M, 5:23.71); and Neko McMahon (5-lap, 2:45.39).

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