T. B. Scott Free Library?s ?Clean Sweep? during National Library Week

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Carnegie Library celebration, T. B. Scott Free Library is offering the annual Food for Fines Program with an added twist. This year in celebration of their 100th anniversary, the library is also performing a “Clean Sweep” of youth library fines. For youth under 18 who have library fines of $15 or less, the library is “sweeping the fines away” during the week of April 11-17.
Through the Clean Sweep initiative, T. B. Scott Free Library is encouraging youth and families who may have library fines to return and enjoy the many resources the library has to offer.
“Many young people are currently unable to use our services because of outstanding fees and fines. This puts them at a disadvantage in achieving school success. We want to give them a fresh start so that they can use our resources to help them learn and grow, while educating them about the importance of returning library materials on time,” states library director Stacy Stevens. Unlike the annual Food for Fines, Clean Sweep is a one-time program.
Please look for more information on the Foods for Fines Program in the upcoming weeks.
For more information, please call 715-536-7191, or see the T. B. Scott Free Library’s Web site: www.tbscottlibrary.org.

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