OTTS Garage to offer after school study program

Starting the week of March 28, OTTS Garage will be offering Oasis, an after school study program for middle and high school students. Study sessions will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 p.m.
By attending Oasis, students can earn points toward prizes.
The goal of Oasis is to provide a study program that supports middle school and high school students of the Merrill community by actively engaging youth and encouraging healthy study habits and homework completion. Oasis will provide a safe and fun study environment, homework assistance, encouragement for healthy study habits and incentives for homework completion.
Upon arrival at OTTS, students will sign in with their name, time of arrival, and a description of what homework they hope to accomplish. Students will be allowed to find a space to study or a space may be assigned if the need arises. Volunteers will monitor students to insure that homework is being completed. Volunteers may also assist students with homework by answering questions, helping students understand a question, or by guiding them to other resources that may be of assistance. At no time will a volunteer hand out answers or complete homework for a student. Before students leave for the day they will sign out. For each hour a student studies with Oasis they will receive 5 Oasis Dollars which will be recorded and tracked by coordinating staff. Students will be able to use Oasis Dollars to purchase incentives and items donated by the community and area businesses.
OTTS Garage is seeking volunteers to monitor the Oasis program. As with most programs and activities at OTTS Garage, Oasis is dependent on the quality and dedication of the volunteers. OTTS is searching for men and women who are concerned with knowing the names of students, with their likes and dislikes and with their needs. Volunteers will spend time answering questions, guiding students to resources, and holding students accountable for their time spent at Oasis. If you are interested in volunteering for Oasis or any other program at OTTS, please call 715-539-3939.

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