Pommerscher Verein hosts Card Party

The Pommerscher Verein’s 5th Annual “Old-Time Card Party” will be held at the Naugart Hall, Berlin Center on Saturday, March 12 from 1- 4 p.m. Admission, including lunch, is $5. The Berlin Center is located at the intersection of Berlin Lane & Naugart Drive.

Attendees will have the opportunity to play Schafskopf and other table games. Because many people in our German-Pommern neighborhoods also enjoyed playing Skat, it will be à ¢à  à ¨offered if there is enough interest. Please telephone Jim Goetsch (675-4203) if you have any questions about Skat.

Prizes, such as in olden days, will be awarded to high scoring players, as well as “booby prizes” to players deserving of them. Lunch consisting of a variety of sandwiches, pickles, cakes, and cookies will also be offered. Also, if you know any Platt Deutsch words, like – “Schtack Em!” please feel free to use them during card playing. (That will make some of us older Pommers realize that Platt Deutsch is still alive and well!).
All Verein Board Members are reminded to bring cake or bars, and card tables to the card party.
For more information contact any of the following card party committee members: Randy & Cindy Braatz, Jim and Lydia Goetsch, Bob & Eppie Gruling, Martin & Shirley Hannemann, Reinie & Marlene Lenz, David & Bonnie Radtke, and DuWayne & Gladys Zamzow.

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