In this column: a/t = assess./treat., DC = disorderly conduct, BJ = bail jumping, CDTP = criminal damage to property, OAR = operating after revocation.

Jeffrey W. Olson, 44, Merrill, DC, 60 days jail.

Ross E. Bauman, 22, Tomahawk, possess marijuana & drug paraphernalia, 2 yrs probation, 90 days jail, $250 fine.

Joshua L. Graap, 26, Merrill, DC, 14 days jail, $100 fine.

Joshua A. Cortright, 27, Wausau, resisting/obstructing officer, 9 mos probation, no alcohol/taverns.

Craig A. Stadler, 35, Merrill, DC, 12 mos probation, $103 restitution.

Porfirio Roman Jr., 46, Wausau, unlawful phone use/threaten with concealed ID, 1 yr probation.

Johnathan L. Christophel Sr., 48, Cudahay, BJ misdemeanor, 2 yrs probation.

Christopher M. Getlinger, 40, Menasha, party to the crime of burglary-arm self with dangerous weapon, 8 yrs prison imposed & stayed, 8 yrs probation, 1 yr jail, $100 fine, $6895 restitution.

Scott D. Servis, 50, Merrill, BJ misdemeanor, 2 yrs probation, 60 days jail.

Allen L. Crowell, 43, Rhinelander, OWI 2nd, $1390 fine, AODA, 16 mos drivers license revocation, 45 days jail.

Joseph A. DuPlayee, 43, Tomahawk, possess controlled substance, 9 mos probation, alcohol assessment, $100 fine.

Phillip J. Guzik, 44, Gleason, DC, 6 mos probation.

Michael A. Destaercke, 19, Green Bay, operate without valid license causing great bodily harm & operate without valid license causing death, 2 yrs probation, AODA, no alcohol/drugs/taverns, not own or drive an automobile, $6105 restitution, community service, 7 mos jail, apology letter to victim.

Ronald L. Randall, 62, Gleason, OWI 3rd, $1570 fine, AODA, 27 mos drivers license revocation, 60 days jail; BJ misdemeanor, $250 fine.

Daniel E. Nehrbass, 31, Merrill, OWI 2nd, 6 mos probation, $1109 fine, 5 days jail, 12 mos drivers license revocation, no alochol/taverns, AODA.

Jonelle I. Philbrick, 21, Tomahawk, injury by intoxicated use of motor vehicle, 24 mos probation, 4 mos jail, apology letter to victim, no alcohol/taverns, AODA, 2 yrs drivers license revocation.

Jason A. Best, 33, Merrill, DC, $100 fine.

Jeffrey K. DeBoer, 56, Merrill, OWI 2nd, 1 yr probation, 30 days jail, no alcohol/taverns, AODA, $1250 fine, 13 mos drivers license revocation.

Yeh Lor, 20, Athens, OWI 2nd, 1 yr probation, $1440 fine, 60 days jail, 14 mos drivers license revocation, AODA, no alcohol/taverns.

Melanie D. Matson, 31, Deerbrook, OWI 3rd, $1990 fine, AODA, 29 mos drivers license revocation, 90 days jail.

Joseph T. Kempf, 31, Weyauwega, possess marijuana, 1 yr probation, 9 days jail, $250 fine.

Adam M. Smith, 30, Antigo, felon possess firearm, 60 days jail.

Veronica Klimek, 45, Schofield, credit card fraudulent use, $100 fine.

Lacy M. Schoone, 20, Tomahawk, resisting/obstructing officer, $100 fine.

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