Merrill Police Department

January 7

1:12 a.m.- an officer received information that a male was in a local tavern in violation of his probation. Officers met with the male who admitted to drinking in the tavern in violation of his probation. He was arrested for the probation violation.

8:25 p.m.- officers were dispatched to an E. 7th St. address in reference to a domestic disturbance. This stemmed from an earlier incident and it was found that the dispute had been verbal. The female agreed to stay with her mother for the night and gathered personal belongings for the night.

11:51 p.m.- an officer was dispatched to a Cleveland St. address in reference to a hit & run. The vehicle owner called after finding damage to his driver’s-side door. He suspected the neighbor. The officer found fresh damage to the neighbor’s vehicle and the driver admitted to hitting the vehicle. The driver was cited for hit & run and operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

January 8

12:39 a.m.- an officer on patrol located a group of four young males in the area of W. 10th St. and Adams St. Three of the four ran upon seeing the officer. The three were located hiding behind a garage. It was found the four were entering unlocked vehicles and stealing items from within. Several items were recovered hidden behind a neighboring residence. Other items were turned over after it was learned they were left at a residence. It was learned at least two of the four had been entering vehicles in the Northern Wire parking lot. Two were cited for curfew violations, one for theft and obstructing an officer and two were referred to social services for theft.

9:38 a.m.- a Prospect St. resident reported his GPS unit and a digital camera stolen from his vehicle. It was found these items had been recovered by officers from the earlier vehicle thefts and the items were returned to the owner.

10:52 a.m.- a concerned citizen wanted it documented that she had been contacted by two males inquiring whether she was interested in selling a vehicle in her yard. She discovered both were registered sex offenders and became concerned. Officers learned the identity of both and the incident was documented.

12:26 p.m.- a caller reported three vehicles in the Grand Ave. area had their tires slashed. A footprint was located and photographed. The investigation continues.

5:12 p.m.- a female reported she was being harassed at a local business. The investigation revealed there had been no physical confrontation as initially reported after viewing surveillance video. The involved male was later arrested for possession of stolen property stemming from a different incident and a probation violation.

9:44 p.m.- officers were dispatched to a local tavern after a fight was reported. A highly intoxicated male was found to be causing problems after throwing a quarter at a female and grabbing a male patron. The male was cited for disorderly conduct and ordered out of the bar for the night.

January 10

12:15 a.m.- an officer stopped a vehicle with expired plates. The 29 year old male driver was run through dispatch and was found to have a warrant out for his arrest. The male was taken into custody and transported to the jail without incident.

January 11

12:06 p.m.- an officer stopped a snowmobile in that was being operated in the 200 block of Court St. The 17 year old male driver was stopped and cited for operating a snowmobile on a city street seeing as the male had been warned before.

12:45 p.m.- an officer was requested to pick up a 34 year old male party at the probation and parole office for a probation hold. He was taken into custody and turned over to the jail without incident.

January 13

4:03 p.m.- an officer received a complaint of a snowmobile damaged while it was at the high school. The investigation was turned over to the SRO.

7:07 p.m.- an officer stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. The driver was found to have a warrant through Oneida Co. The female was arrested for the warrant and taken to the Lincoln Co. jail.

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