In this column: a/t = assess./treat., DC = disorderly conduct, BJ = bail jumping, CDTP = criminal damage to property, OAR = operating after revocation.

Mathew L. Dombrock, 24, Tomahawk, party to the crime of theft (3 counts), 1 yr probation, 60 days jail, $650 restitution, $100 fine, pursue HSED.

Christopher A. Ruth, 19, Bloomington, MN, DC, $100 fine.

Vickie S. Sukow, 44, Tomahawk, OWI 3rd, $1585 fine, 60 days jail, 27 mos drivers license revocation, AODA.

Lynn T. Guman, 49, Milwaukee, OWI 4th, $1689 fine, 60 days jail, 26 mos drivers license revocation, AODA.

Bryon A. Orcutt, 51, Tomahawk, possess drug paraphernalia, $100 fine.

Robert E. Smith, 27, Irma, DC. $100 fine.

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