It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It’s Girl Scout cookie time once again! A lot of cookies taste good; buy the cookies that do good, too! For nearly 100 years, Girl Scouts has been the premier organization for girls, and the Girl Scout Cookie Program is without a doubt the most commonly recognized element to the Girl Scout experience. This year’s Cookie Program runs from January 21-February 6, and for just $3.50 a box, you can take part in funding a girl’s way toward special rewards, helping others in need, camps, programs, and lots more! The Girl Scout Cookie Program only comes but once a year, so stock up, buy some for friends, and get some extras to try in unique recipes that will delight your family and friends! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business program in the country. It raises millions of dollars for communities and produces more female business owners than most universities. Through the Cookie Program, girls learn people skills and all about business ethics, money management, decision making, and goal setting. The best part is that this business program isn’t on Wall Street- it’s on your street, and it helps girls do all kinds of amazing things. So the next time a Girl Scout in your neighborhood gets the courage to believe in herself, to look you in the eye, and to ask, “Want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?,” remember that every Girl Scout cookie has a mission: to help girls do great things. If you don’t have a Girl Scout in your neighborhood, find your cookies at or call 888.747.6945, ext. 5511.

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