Doerr finds groove twice in a row

Merrill’s Chris Doerr took bunching his multiple 800 series to a new level last week, firing 816 and 814 series on back-to-back nights on Wednesday and Thursday.
“I don’t even know what got into me,” he said. “Everything went right. You have to put 28 or more strikes together. To get lucky and carry like that is just phenomenal.
“It’s not all me. It’s just having fun with my team. It’s hard if you’re not bowling with or against people you like.”
Last season, Doerr hit an 813 on Feb. 18, then came back with a 801 on Monday, the 22nd, coincidentally the same night as his brother, Mike Dettmering, rolled an 806.
The most-recent pair-both bowled on lanes 13 and 14-gives him four of the last six 800 series scored at Lincoln Lanes, and 12 for his career. Unbelievably, only one includes a 300 game.
Tim Scharbius tossed an 838 on the last day of league, on April 22.
The hot streak included 755, 738 and 691 series before the 800’s.
“I was in a three-week slump, and then since December 2nd everything fell into place,” he said.
Doerr averaged 254 per game in 15 games rolled from Dec. 2-9.
Chris is the first bowler at Lincoln Lanes to bowl consecutive 800’s. He bowled 279, 279 and 258 games for PCCU in the Wednesday Men’s Majors and hurled 278, 268 and 268 games for Brickner’s Park City in the Thursday Classic League.

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