4H honors volunteer leaders

There are 193 4-H Volunteer Leaders in Lincoln County who have given 1,740 years of service to the 4-H program.??¢??????¯ Those leaders who have been involved for 1, 5 10, 15, 20, and 25 years, received recognition, pin and/or certificate at the recent banquet.??¢??????¯ This year’s recipients are as follows:

First Year Leaders:

Barnes Creek Buccaneers: Tina Dengel

Barnyard Friends: Jennifer Porath

Corning All Stars: Kelly Sondelski, Steven Sondelski, Ann Walker and Jeff Walker.

Corning Yankees: Lisa Annis, Brian Genrich, Chris Hanson, Helen Hanson, John Hanson, Marvin Hanson, Pam Hanson and Carol Zoellner.

Pine River Peppers: Timothy Moat, Douglas Iwen, Pam Iwen, William Jaeger, Chad Sabatke and Julie Stevenson.

Rockfalls Rascals: Kathleen Oberg and Stephen Rauchle.

Non-Club Leaders: Jack Burkam, Ester Dittmar, Norman Haskins, Susan Pfaff, Holly Rauen, Shellee Sabatke, Arlene Schield and Margaret Sense.

Fifth Year Leaders

Bits ‘N Bridles: Brittany Daigle and Loyetta??¢??????¯ Dennis.

Corning All Stars: Judith Ryan and John Zimmer.

Hamburg Hawks: Sandy Thurs

Hi – Lo’s: Lisa Elliott

Merrill Busy Bees: Lea Kultgen, Bobbie Monson, Andrew Vandergeest and Arlene Wilharms

Pesobic Pathfinders: Tim Schoeppler

Pine River Pioneer/Sunris: Kathrine Taylor

Prairie River Eagles: Marlys Hoy

Rockfalls Rascals: Dale Williams and Renee Williams

Non-Club Leader: Amy Ollhoff

Ten Year Leaders

Barnyard Friends: Denise Yarie

Corning All Stars: Russell Block

Hi – Lo’s: Margaret Welke

Merrill Busy Bees: Tricia Lazare, Catherine Ordemann, Bobbi Jo Schulz and Jason Schulz.

Non-Club Leader: Kelly Natzke

Fifteen Year Leaders

Merrill Busy Bees: Sandra Gipple

Pine River Pioneer Sunrise: Mark Wallace

Twenty Year Leaders

Barnyard Friends: Jill Reinhardt

Merrill Busy Bees: Jane Schulz??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯??¢??????¯

Non-Club Leader: Ann Stoeckmann

Twenty-Five Year Leader

Non-Club Leader: Kathleen Walters

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