What is WAHCE?

The first week of November is designated as HCE week, celebrating Wisconsin Association of Home and Community Education.

What is it and what do they do? It’s a state organization that used to be the “University Extension Homemakers.” Not only do HCE members learn about things of the home, health and preserving foods safely, they’re also celebrating 70 years since its beginning.

HCE members have been involved in the reading to youngsters since the start of Wisconsin Bookworms and Reading Buddies, going into the 12th year. Another outreach program of our county is making walkers and wheelchair caddy bags for people in nursing homes and assisting living homes.

HCE does studies on international issues, where presently they are working to help countries have wells and safe water supplies as well as other projects through “Pennies for Friendship.” On the local level they also make quilts, mittens and hats and book bags and other items given to children and families and communities.

Scholarships are given each year to local high school graduates.

They also do more fun things like going on tours or trips for a day and county picnics.

The yearly WAHCE state conference is held in different cities offering learning experiences from many workshops.

You can join HCE in a club setting or be an individual member. For more information call membership chair Arlene Schield at 715-536-2032.

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