Hatchet spikers hit their stride in regional run

The Hatchet volleyball team cruised to a sectional berth, riding a pair of three-set home sweeps to the regional crown.

Following the top-seed bye, Tomahawk stifled Adams-Friendship to single digits in the first two games of Thursday’s 25-7, 25-9, 25-13 match.

Wittenberg never reached 18 points in Saturday’s 25-17, 25-13, 25-13 match, giving THS that title and a 41-5 record on the season.

“In terms of a regional championship, it was definitely a goal of ours, and again, the outcome of their hard work and the time they have put into volleyball,” Hatchet coach Jen Pfannerstill said. “The growth of these girls is impressive, both as people and players. We are so very proud of their accomplishment for their school and community.”

Undefeated Central Wis. Eight champ Wittenberg came in as a #2 seed after posting a 20-6 record on the season.

“Wittenberg is a much-improved, well-coached team from a year ago, and had a great season,” Pfannerstill said. “They were aggressive, we just have more weapons right now than they have. I thought we had some big time plays from some very talented, athletic high school players, and that’s a tribute to the many, many hours they have spent in the gym.

“We were very aggressive from the serving line, again, which allowed us to run our offense. The girls were patient and waited for the right ball to make the kill. We passed extremely well, only getting aced twice, and our setters distributed the ball really well from pin to pin. Once we saw how Wittenberg wanted to defend us, we were able to exploit that and take advantage of what they were giving us.”

Keying the victory were: Kaylin Olson (4 k, 3 ac, 18 as, 4 d); Anna Sudbury (8 k, 14 as, 2 bl); Kaitlin Doughty (10 k, 4 ac, 2 d); Sydney Lakatos (7 k, 2 d); Jenna Otteholt (9 d); Kellan Flynn (3 k, 3 bl); Kayli Ogstad (2 bl).

Friendly shellacking

The Hatchets made short work of A-F, a team coming off a four-set minor upset of Nekoosa.

“We were able to steal the momentum right away and keep it throughout the night,” Pfannerstill said. “They were also very patient and realized that the kill didn’t need to happen on the first ball. Our blocking was solid throughout the night and we really distributed the ball well to our hitters. We just have so many weapons right now that we have the luxury of mixing it up offensively. That ‘team’ aspect is really important.”

Major contributions came from: Doughty (13 k, 11 ac, 4 d, 2 bl); Sudbury (6 k, 12 as, 3 d, 3 bl); Olson (4 k, 6 d, 22 as); Otterholt (13 d); Lakatos (5 k, 6 d); Flynn (4 k, 4 bl); Ogstad (4 k).

Tomahawk meets another #1 seed, 33-5 Altoona, in Medford on Thursday. The winner goes to Durand for Saturday’s match with the winner of 26-6 Osceola and 14-9 Rice Lake.

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