THS spikers smash GNC

If anyone doubted the THS girls in their mission to wreak GNC havoc, it’s time to stand down.

The girls won four matches in the minimum dozen sets, and only let one opponent touch the 20’s.

The Hatchets routed Pines last Tuesday, then dropped Medford (25-17, 25-14, 27-25) Mosinee (25-16, 25-17, 25-19) and Antigo (25-13, 25-15, 25-13) in Saturday’s GNC #2 meet at Pines.

The Mosinee win was especially satisfying, since it avenged the only GNC loss (from Sept. 2) and forged a tie for the conference title. Incredibly, the Hatchets didn’t lose a single game all GNC season other than the three in that 3-2 Mosinee match, ending with an 11-1 record and a 35-3 games mark.

Tomahawk improved to 40-5 on the season, easily earning the top regional seed and its first-round bye.

“We were very proud of the girls for putting the pressure on other teams today, instead of being the one with the pressure on us,” THS coach Jen Pfannerstill said. “We are a very different team from August and have learned so much about ourselves on the court, and as players. The girls were confident and played with a great deal of poise.

“We just really executed our game plan well, took care of our side of the net for the most part and forced Mosinee into some uncomfortable situations. Our blocking was tremendous and we were really able to be a force at the pins and in the middle.”

Against Antigo: “Our blockers did a great job of shutting down the Antigo hitters and we just didn’t let them stay in system for very long,” Pfannerstill said. “We passed extremely well and were able to execute our offense throughout the match.”

Versus Medford: “During the third game we got a little ahead of ourselves and I think were looking towards the Mosinee match instead of finishing the one we were in, but we were able to finish out a deuce game and avoid playing a fourth,” Pfannerstill said.

Leading the THS girls were: Kaitlin Doughty (43 k, 4 ac, 12 d, 2 bl); Anna Sudbury (20 k, 4 ac, 37 as, 6 d, 8 bl); Kaylin Olson (11 k, 4 ac, 54 as, 12 d, 3 bl); Sydney Lakatos (22 k, 5 ac, 29 d, 2 bl); Kellan Flynn (11 k, 3 d, 18 bl); Jenna Otterholt (5 ac, 43 d); Kayli Ogstad (6 k, 3 bl).

Elevating past Eagles

Tomahawk cruised with a 25-13, 25-6, 25-12 match last Tuesday.

“We controlled the match from the start,” Pfannerstill said. “The girls remained focused throughout the match.”

Top performances included: Olson (3 k, 16 as, 3 d); Sudbury (5 k, 8 as, 3 bl); Doughty (6 k, 10 ac); Lakatos (4 k, 4 ac, 4 d); Kelsey Paramore (7 k, 3 d); Flynn (4 k); Otterholt (5 d); Ogstad (2 bl).

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