In this column: MGSHC = Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center; AWH = Aspirus Wausau Hospital; MSCH = Ministry St. Clare’s Hospital; MSJH = Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital.

October 8

Fire runs: #127- 2:44 p.m., 3rd & Pier St., ladder 1 responded to motor vehicle accident with injury, blocked traffic & assisted Med 1 & Med 3.

Medic runs: #1194- 2:44 p.m., 41yo female, 3rd & Pier St. to MGSHC, trauma; #1195- 2:44 p.m., 43yo male, 3rd & Pier St. to MGSHC, trauma; #1196- 4:08 p.m., 93yo female, Taylor St. to MGSHC, medical; #1197- 4:40 p.m., 43yo male, MGSHC to AWH, trauma; #1198- 6:35 p.m., 93yo female, MGSHC to Taylor St., medical; #1199- 6:40 p.m., Standby at Jay Stadium.

Other activities: fire prevention for 2nd & 3rd grades at Kate Goodrich School.

October 9

Medic runs: #1200- 7:09 a.m., 82yo female, Poplar St. to MGSHC, medical; #1201- 11 a.m., 86yo female, Pine Crest to MSCH; #1202- 11:07 a.m., 84yo male, Cotter Ave. to MGSHC, medical; #1203- 2:22 p.m., 86yo female, MSCH to Pine Crest, medical; #1204- 2:53 p.m., 82yo female, Stuyvesant St. to MGSHC, medical; #1205- 4:35 p.m., 75yo female, Hwy. C to MGSHC, trauma; #1206- 5:13 p.m., standby at Irma; #1207- 6:19 p.m., 78yo female, MGSHC to MSCH, medical.

Other activities: EMS training – pediatric altered mental state.

October 10

Medic runs: #1208- 6:42 p.m., 38yo female, E. 7th St. to MGSHC, cardiac.

Other activities: training on pediatric altered mental state.

October 11

Medic runs: #1209- 1:35 a.m., 81yo male, N. State St. to MGSHC, medical; #1210- 7:08 a.m., 18mo female, State St. to MGSHC, medical; #1211- 9:09 a.m., 80yo male, MGSHC to MSJH, medical; #1212- 86yo male, Hillside Dr., no transport; #1213- 12:27 p.m., 38yo female, 7th St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #1214- 12:29 p.m., 16yo female, 7th St.., no transport; #1215- 8:29 p.m., 18mo female, State St. to MGSHC, medical; #1216- 11:02 p.m., 63yo female, Webster St. to MGSHC, medical.

Other activities: fire prevention talks for St. Francis Pre-K and 4th grade, Trinity Pre-K.

October 12

Other activities: fire prevention classes at St. Francis K & 1st grade.

October 13

Medic runs: #1217- 12:14 a.m., 85yo male, Pine Crest to MGSHC, medical; #1218- 7:38 a.m., 83yo female, Pine Crest to MGSHC, medical; #1219- 9:17 a.m., 69yo male, Forest Dr. to MGSHC, trauma.

Other activities: Bi-annual inspections of area businesses; CPR class taught to Riverside Athletic Club employees.

October 14

Medic runs: #1220- 12:07 a.m., 45yo female, Sturdevant St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #1221- 2:39 a.m., 45yo female, MGSHC to AWH, medical; #1222- 3:57 a.m., 86yo female, Douglas St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #1223- 5:38 p.m., 86yo female, MGSHC to AWH, cardiac.

Other activities: fire prevention classes, K & 1st grades at Trinity & St. John.

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