Project Discovery Day caps National 4-H Week

To wrap up and continue the promotion of 4-H, Lincoln County 4-H and UW-Extension hosted Project Discovery Day on Saturday at St. Stephen’s Church in Merrill.

Project Discovery Day is a day for 4-H and other community youth to learn new skills and have fun exploring the many opportunities the 4-H program in Lincoln County offers. Twelve adult and youth instructors shared their knowledge with 39 youth and 3 adults. Instructors for the day included Jack Burkam, Marge Burkam (assisted), Norm Haskins, Celina Hawker, Julie Hawker (assisted her daughter), Totsy Kleinschmidt, Janet Klutterman, Amanda Kostman, Jane Schulz, Joanna Skluzacek, Mary Sosnovske, and Lisa Woelbing. Eight 4-H members brought ten friends to the event so they could learn about 4-H and the various project opportunities available. Topics covered a wide variety of subjects including acting, introduction to the dog project, weaving a heart or tote basket, creating an glass block light, learning about early airplane history and flight basics through experimenting with various airplanes, creating sun catcher wind chimes, exploring wind as an alternative power source, and making a dream catcher key chain.

Project Discovery Day is designed to increase participants knowledge about various 4-H projects, provide an opportunity for youth and adults to work together, and encourage participants to share what they learned with their club or other project members. This event is also a great example of youth learning important life skills such as decision making, problem solving, communication, teamwork through their 4-H projects and other opportunities.

A second Project Discovery Day will be held in February or March in Tomahawk.

For more information about joining 4-H, contact the Lincoln County UW-Extension at 539-1072 or visit their website at

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